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Mino Raiola takes another swipe at Jürgen Klopp

Mino Raiola has taken yet another swipe at Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp and insisted that Mario Balotelli will return to the Premier League.

The controversial ‘super agent’ says Klopp should have treated Balotelli with more respect especially as he did nothing wrong while at Anfield.

Raiola said: “Mario and Jurgen Klopp never had a chance because Klopp never gave him a chance.

“I said Klopp acted like a piece of sh*t towards him and he can’t deny he made Mario an outcast. I had experience with Klopp at Dortmund. He can’t tell people that he treated Mario like a human being at Liverpool.

“If you want to sell him it’s up to you but he is still a Liverpool player and, while he is, show him respect. He needed 90 minutes in friendlies but he trained outside the first team. What did he do wrong in the last two years?

“Mario said he made a mistake joining Liverpool. I don’t regret choosing Liverpool, although I’m not sure Brendan Rodgers really wanted him.”

Raiola says he’s already planning on a Premier League return for his client, who was dropped by Nice at the weekend.

“If he proves he can become stable at Nice and score goals then imagine how attractive he would be to a Premier League manager next summer as a free agent,” added Raiola.

“France needs him, like they needed Zlatan. He is good for the league but he will absolutely return to the Premier League.

“What would a real manager rather do? Gamble £100m on a striker or take Balotelli? Because no one can tell me he is not a world-class talent.”