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Merson: Liverpool not good enough to do a double

Paul Merson

Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson believes Liverpool haven’t got a chance of winning the Premier League and Champions League.

The Sky Sports’ pundit says he would be “shocked” if the Reds pulled it off and believes Jürgen Klopp’s men should only concentrate on winning the Premier League.

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Merson said: “I would get out of the Champions League as soon as possible because they are not good enough to win the double. They haven’t got the squad.

“If Salah, Firmino or Van Dijk got injured, wow, that is the equivalent of Harry Kane getting injured for Tottenham.

“I just hope the players understand that 29 years without the title is a long time and they would be legends if they win it. Legends. This would be history.

“But I would be shocked if they won the double. Shocked.”

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