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Loris Karius offered chance to move to Italy

Loris Karius

The president of Italian outfit Rimini FC has offered to take Loris Karius on a season-long loan to help him overcome his European Cup final heartbreak.

Serie C, Italy’s third-tier of football, may not be the ideal destination for the 24-year-old but Rimini president Giorgio Grassi says the offer is there for Karius if he wants it.

Grassi said: “On June 22, Loris Karius will turn 25 years old. I would like to host the German goalkeeper for a few days in Rimini, a welcoming town that has always been frequented by his fellow countrymen and women.

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“I would be happy to meet him in Rimini to remind him that it just takes courage, or perhaps good sense, to understand the best life lessons are often also the toughest, the most difficult to bear.

“We’ve all been through these moments, unfortunately for him, his moment was in front of millions of people. At the end of the day, the only real failure is allowing defeat to get the better of us.

“I would like to help Loris become a great example to those who in football, as in life, fall and get back on their feet. I’d like to offer a gift for his birthday: a year-long contract with Rimini FC, the ideal club to rediscover his calm, self-belief and strength to follow his dreams.

“Let it be clear, this wouldn’t be a walk in the park, because he’d be in competition with a great goalkeeper like Francesco ‘Ciccio’ Scotti, but he’d certainly find a big family and a city ready to support him as he got back to being a Number One in the Lega Pro.”

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