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Liverpool Still Eyeing Jovic to Boost Offensive Firepower

Liverpool FC is on its way to the most successful season in recent memory. But still, the Reds are lacking the offensive efficiency from last season. With his brilliant performances in the 2018/2019 Bundesliga, Luka Jovic has managed to capture the attention of all of the big European teams. Let’s look at how Liverpool and Luka Jovic performed during this 2018/2019 and take a minute to see if Jovic would be a good fit for the team and how likely is that this transfer will happen in the summer of 2019.


Liverpool Enjoying a Fantastic 2018/2019

Regardless of how this football season winds down in the next couple of weeks, Liverpool FC is having one of the best seasons in recent history. The time is still very much in the race for the clubs first Premier League title and is still in contention for the Champions League Trophy. Depending on how this season shapes up, it has the possibility of being the best seasons Liverpool has had since the glory days of the 70s and 80s.

Liverpool’s Football Blueprint Under Jürgen Klopp

Jürgen Klopp has repeated numerous times that dominant and exciting football is the only way he wants his players to play the game. Klopp advocates a total football approach and constantly pushes his players to remain aggressive and hungry for goals, no matter the result. Since taking over the club in 2015, Klopp’s approach to the game made LFC one of the most exciting teams in football.

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Does Liverpool Have What it takes to Finally Win the Premier League?

Last year, Liverpool finished in fourth place, which was still quite a far away position from the top clubs in the 2017/2018 season. Boosted by Alisson and Van Dijk among other signings, Liverpool is looking much more solid than the previous year. This year, although the team hasn’t been so offensively spectacular like last season, they are neck and neck with Manchester City to win the Premier League. With just a few games until the end of the season, it will be really interesting to see if Liverpool will finally be able to walk away with a Premier League trophy.

Luka Jovic and Frankfurt’s Bundesliga Rhapsody

Luka Jovic and Eintracht Frankfurt are having a fantastic season, as the team is on track clinch the 4th spot in the Bundesliga and qualify for the Champions League next year.  Averaging 3.5 shots on goal every game, with 0.6 goals per game, Luka Jovic is a very efficient forward and a constant threat for opposing players. As one of the best attackers in German football, the 21-year-old is scoring left, right and center, and is possibly on his way of breaching the 30-goal mark this season.

Is Jovic a Good Fit for Liverpool?

As the summer draws nearer, it’s getting more and more clear that Luka Jovic is ready to move to one of the top European clubs. Despite him signing a new contract with Frankfurt, big clubs like Liverpool, Man City, Real Madrid and Barcelona are already lining up to bid for Luka’s services. Out of the four mentioned teams, Liverpool is probably one that would benefit the most from signing up Luka Jovic.

Even though he is only 21 years old, Jovic already has all of the marks of a world class striker.

Similar to Luis Suarez in his style of play, Jovic has a good attacking instinct and is very unpredictable and difficult to defend. He has great finishing skills and is very efficient in counter-attacks, but also dangerous in set-piece situations, as he is very strong in the air. A very talented player, Jovic is a pure number nine. A move to Liverpool would be a very good move for Luka Jovic, as the team’s style would fit him perfectly.

He would also help to improve Liverpool’s attacking depth, as the team doesn’t have a pure world-class striker of Jovic’s style. This year especially, Liverpool’s strikers have failed to create a big impact on their own like they managed to do the year before. In addition to this, Divock Origi and Daniel Sturridge are expected to leave the club in the following summer. There is also chatter of Mo Salah or Sadio Mane moving to Real Madrid. However, we wouldn’t pay much attention to those claims which continue to originate from Spain.

Is this Transfer Possible?

Luka Jovic recently signed a long-term contract with Frankfurt until 2023, for a reported fee of €6 million. Despite this, it is very likely that the talk of Jovic’s future will continue in the following weeks and months. All that’s left for us is to wait and see how will this transfer saga wind down. One thing is for sure, if Liverpool wants to attain Jovic’s service, they will have to make a very strong offer, worth at least €50 million.