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Liverpool must target the FA Cup!

Steven Gerrard

Liverpool fans. Funny things. They’re always banging on about a lack of silverware yet the modern-day lot quickly play down any interest in the FA Cup … until it suits them.

“Let’s play the kids!”, “Who cares?”, “It’s not important!”

Admittedly, times have changed. All the focus is on the Champions League. It’s not like Liverpool have a chance of competing with Manchester City for the Premier League title but maybe, just maybe, Liverpool could turn over multiple European giants to bring home the European Cup year in, year out. Yes, there’s a touch of sarcasm in there.

Let’s hope we CAN bring home the European Cup but let’s also not forget that a trophy is a trophy and that it would be nice to add an 8th FA Cup to the Anfield trophy cabinet. Have you ever seen it? Stood in front of it? It’s incredible!

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We continually moan and groan about overseas investors coming in and “stealing” our clubs. What they can’t steal though are memories and let’s be honest, that’s all we have under Fenway Sports Group (FSG).

You can’t moan about how the game has changed and how it’s not what it was when you openly dismiss the traditions of it.

“It’s all about the money now!”, “Forget the cups!”, “The romance is dead!”. It’s only dead if WE allow it to die and like the sheeps that we are, we’re letting it.

Bill ShanklyYou are fundamentally forgetting the basic principles of what Liverpool Football Club USED to stand for. Bill Shankly once said that Liverpool existed to win trophies. Could he be any clearer? Would he adopt the attitude of those who dismiss the FA Cup to “change with the times” or would he be sat weeping at what many supporters have become?

Supporters today obsess over the lucrative Champions League because they have been managed into believing that this is the only way to attract the best players. While everyone else is spunking hundreds of millions to win the Champions League (and failing) we would argue that Liverpool should focus on some domestic silverware too.

The FA Cup may have lost its shine but that’s only because the fans associated with the so-called ‘big’ clubs think they have entitlement to something better. Yet these same fans soon find an interest if their club reaches the semis or the final. Oh, they become interested then and they soon develop a voice when they can’t secure a cup final ticket.

We have nothing but respect for those Liverpool season ticket holders who opt-in to the domestic cup ticket schemes before a ball is even kicked. You should be proud of yourselves, as should those of you who do your very best to support our once proud club in every round of the competition.


We must, of course, prioritise the competitions in which we play but we must also be realistic. Football is about silverware, getting to Wembley, creating memories with loved ones. With no silverware and no memories, we have nothing. We must always battle for the Premier League and the European Cup but some fans should stop being so far up their own arses that they utter the words “Who cares about the FA Cup?” Shame on them.

David vs Goliath. The beautiful FA Cup. The oldest and most famous association football competition in the world. It only becomes non-important when you’ve turned into a football snob.

Bring on Everton. Deploy the strongest team we have. Show some pride and remember what we are supposed to stand for.