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Liverpool FC Transfer News: Virgil van Dijk – LATEST

Virgil van Dijk

Officials from Liverpool and Southampton will come face-to-face at today’s Premier League annual shareholders’ meeting in Harrogate.

Representatives from all 20 clubs will be in attendance but Premier League chiefs will want to take Liverpool and Southampton to one side at some point to see if things can be smoothed over following the fallout as a result of our interest in Virgil van Dijk.

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As far as we are aware, Southampton have not, at this time, made a formal complaint to the Premier League about the alleged ‘illegal approach’ although they have voiced their concerns to them. Liverpool’s public apology over “any misunderstanding” yesterday could be enough to nip that nonsense in the bud but there are no guarantees that a formal investigation will not follow.

The claim that we have ended our interest in the player is, in our opinion, a statement that actually means the Reds have ended their interest in the inflated transfer fee that Southampton were demanding following the bust-up.

Van Dijk wants the transfer and Southampton will not want to hold on to a player who is unhappy. The Saints also know that by denying him his move to Anfield that they may risk losing out financially. Because of these factors, we refuse to accept that our interest in Van Dijk is truly over. What happens next will be down to him and Southampton.

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