Liverpool duo urge Timo Werner to make Anfield switch

Timo Werner

Liverpool duo Naby Keïta and Sadio Mané are urging Timo Werner to make the switch to Anfield should he choose to leave RB Leipzig in the summer.

The 22-year-old forward is on Jürgen Klopp’s radar and few would be surprised if the Liverpool manager stepped up with a formal offer in the summer. If he does, Keïta and Mané hopes he’ll grasp at the opportunity.

Keïta said: “We played really well together at Leipzig, and he was one of my best mates.

“It’s clear: Should he move, then I ask Timo to join us here at Liverpool.”

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Those comments were backed up by Mané who added: “I’d advise him to join Liverpool. I like his style of play. Very forceful, good finish, always giving it 100 percent. If he wants to join us, we’d welcome him to our team.

“When it was clear that Naby would join us, I often watched Leipzig matches. But to be honest: It was dreadful for me at the start. Naby saw quite a few red cards.

“I then asked Kevin Kampl, my friend from our time at RB Salzburg, why Naby always got sent off. He didn’t know.

“Naby missed some important games and I could watch other players more closely. And Timo stood out.”

It was posted on our members’ website recently that one of Werner’s representatives, possibly Karlheinz Forster, was a guest at Anfield recently for one of Liverpool’s games. More on that here.


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