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Peter Moore

Liverpool chief executive Peter Moore has been explaining a little about the club’s transfer strategy when it comes to player recruitment.

Speaking at the fourth edition of World Football Summit in Madrid, Moore said that the club relies on modern data gathering and traditional scouting, when identifying possible transfer targets.

He said: “There is a merging of data and the experienced eye – the analogue and digital coming together.

“We use applied science and technology to analyse players to create the best chance to win. From an analogue way, we look at the player and assess what they are about, both on and off the pitch. And we apply science.

“We have four PhDs who are part of our club and we have a director of sports science, who is also a PhD and they look at data.

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“It is that combination, that amalgamation of an experienced eye – of looking at an athlete – combined with data, with psychological outputs, to see the person as a good player for Liverpool and also a good human being in the locker room.

“Being a good person that happens to be a good football player is what you need to be for Liverpool Football Club. When I look at our squad, knowing most of the players, they fit that bill.

“We have a Sporting Director, who is akin to a General Manager in American sports. I don’t have anything to do with that. I run the business of Liverpool Football Club.

“The speciality experience of our Sporting Director – he and his scouting staff and analytical staff are the ones that build the squad. Jürgen Klopp, as the manager, gets the best out of that squad.

“Together, we come together as an entity, with Billy Hogan, our chief commercial officer, and we are fundamentally what I believe is the essence of what a modern football club needs to be.

“It’s that combination in modern football now. It needs to be organised, to have a culture, to build on success, where you have subject-matter experts in their fields who all come together as one.”