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Linda Pizzuti Henry now owns a part of Liverpool FC

Linda Pizzuti Henry

It has emerged that John Henry’s wife, Linda Pizzuti Henry, now has an official interest in Liverpool Football Club, after she acquired a portion of shares in Fenway Sports Group which were previously held by former partner Arthur Nicholas.

The transaction was completed last summer and until now, had been kept off the radar.

Her shares in FSG are described as “a small interest” but it now means that she has a stake in Liverpool FC along with The Red Sox, NESN, Fenway Park, Fenway Sports Management and Roush Racing.

As a small investor, it is claimed that she will not have an official active role in the day-to-day operations at any of the franchises, although it’s widely known that she has played an active role with the Red Sox and according to a 2017 report by The Boston Magazine, ‘it was Linda, not John, who helped run point on the construction of a new main stand at Anfield, Liverpool’s stadium.’  The Boston Herald has also reported that she is actively involved behind the scenes at Anfield.

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Sam Kennedy, Red Sox team CEO and president, commented: “John Henry and Tom Werner are the owners and managers of the entity, and, along with FSG president Michael Gordon, they run the owners’ meetings and have decision-making authority over all of the businesses.

“I report to John and Tom. They’re the managing, day-to-day owners. The other investors, people like Frank Resnek, Marty Trust, Phillip Morse and now Linda Henry, they are investors. So, they don’t have an active role in the day-to-day operations.

“Linda is obviously family and she, for many years, has had a big impact on Fenway Sports Group and specifically the Red Sox. She’s very passionate about connecting kids and children to baseball and sports in general.

“I’m not as familiar with it, but she’s had a very similar impact over at Liverpool with respect to kids and youth marketing initiatives.”

Linda has been an unofficial face of FSG on social media where she is known to ‘tweet’ celebratory messages when Liverpool win, especially when a ‘clean sheet’ is involved.

Although we haven’t seen any official announcement posted by FSG about her investment, The Boston Globe which is owned by John Henry and where Linda is Managing Director, ran an article today titled: ‘Linda Pizzuti Henry acquires portion of shares of Fenway Sports Group’.

We can’t see this development changing the input she already has at Anfield. If anything, all it does is give the loons on Twitter further justification in their eyes to run their mouth at her when things go wrong because they can now say she *is* FSG i.e. the ownership and ‘part of the problem’ etc etc.

Yes her social media presence can be a bit cheesy and at times we’re convinced she’s actually doing a bit of trolling herself with the ‘clean sheet’ tweets, but the reality is, even before she could be considered as part of the ownership team, she has been the only person associated with FSG that publicly showed any interest or enthusiasm in the club’s fortunes on the pitch and for that very reason, the KopTalk editor has even previously suggested that he’d rather have her instead of Tom Werner … as chairman/chairwoman, whatevs.