Klopp’s frustration creeping in

Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp has hinted that he is frustrated at the club’s decision to not back him during the January transfer window.

After another poor performance against Burnley last night, the boss was again quizzed on whether or not he could bring in refinforcements and he appeared to break ranks by suggesting his hands are tied.

“These decisions are not my decisions,” said the Liverpool manager. “If somebody thinks we should do something, I cannot decide if we do something in the transfer market or not.”

As we’ve been saying for weeks, anyone that thinks the manager doesn’t want to bring in a centre-back at least during the current window is deluded. However, the manager knows the score with the owners and the way they want to do things and until now, he’s gone with it. Although they are citing the Covid pandemic as to why they don’t want to spend at the current time, Liverpool supporters have become used to the excuses and know that usually someone needs to be sold first before the boss is given money to spend.

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Klopp has come across as a little unhappy and tetchy for a while so we need to consider what’s going on in his mind. There are several issues hanging over his squad that need addressing. Wijnaldum, the centre-back issue and now the Mo Salah situation. These things really do have an impact on morale and planning. It also doesn’t help having zero atmosphere at Anfield. It’s a depressing time. Liverpool are a club that relies heavily on its 12th man and that is currently missing.

Supporters often ask us if we think Klopp would quit because of the lukewarm support he receives and we’ve always felt that he wouldn’t. He appears to respectfully accept the constraints in which he has to work under: he knows the score. However, we know he has strong aspirations of managing Germany and if they were to ever come in for him or another European giant that could offer him an exciting project, then it would surely be much easier at the moment for him to make those decisions. The longer your hands are tied, the more tiresome it must become, especially after proving that you can deliver.

We are led to believe that the club has tried to do business this month but walls have been hit due to unacceptable valuations. The January window is, of course, always difficult to navigate and negotiate. What’s made things more complicated is that Liverpool already have a long-term centre-back lined up for the summer window after months of planning, so they don’t want to overspend in January. If a player is available in the summer for £30million but in January his club want £40million, if the manager thinks the extra is worth paying but the owners don’t, that’s where issues creep in.

Klopp is clearly frustrated but we’re confident that he will work things out. If business can be done this month, it will be done, but we all know that FSG won’t pay over the odds. We think they see things differently to the boss, but that doesn’t mean there’s a drama or a crisis. At the end of the day though, it can effect mood and that’s what we think we’re seeing on top of the other matters already mentioned above.

We have to appreciate that FSG have, whether we want to admit it or not, overseen Liverpool’s first titles in decades. That’s all very well but it mustn’t stop there. Fans want Liverpool to dominate, to be an untouchable giant, but FSG are showing no signs of that ambition. We accept it is right to keep things sensible but investment in January may see greater financial rewards later in the season. Speculate to accumumulate, right?

Liverpool are just 6 points off the top of the table. There’s a long way to go, but the competition this time around is much stronger. The owners need to lift the spirits of the manager and he needs to lift spirits in his squad.