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Klopp: We won’t spend just because our rivals are spending

Jürgen Klopp has again been speaking about Liverpool’s lack of activity in the transfer market this summer.

Jurgen KloppThe Reds have lost a number of first team players since the end of last season and have moved out a handful of youngsters but have only brought in a back-up goalkeeper and a couple of prospects for the future; a transfer stance that has left many supporters baffled, with many of them expecting the European Champions to strengthen their squad this summer.

Klopp, however, insists that he’s happy with what he’s got and he believes he has enough strength in depth to challenge the likes of Manchester City for major silverware this season. Although City have strengthened, despite them winning the Premier League and already having an abundance of talent in their squad, Klopp insists Liverpool won’t be forced into spending just because they and other clubs are doing so.

The Liverpool manager told Sky Sports: “You should never do transfers because other clubs are doing transfers. That makes no sense, it’s not about that. And if you sit back for a second and have a look at the squad, do we need more players? People will say, yes, we need a substitute for Sadio Mane, for Mohamed Salah, whatever. But those players are here. So, do you get a one-for-one replacement? A big signing?

“People think that players from other clubs, other countries, are better than the players we have here but without really having the proof, because those players haven’t played here, or whatever else.

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“It’s just that what is new is seen as more exciting. It’s like with a new car. Your old car is completely reliable, but you want a new one and two weeks later it breaks down. It looks better, but obviously it’s not that good.”

He added: “When I said we have to pay bills, that’s normal. I know people took that as criticism for other clubs, but it was not the intention. I was just explaining our situation. Sorry, but we do have to pay bills. And that’s all good.

“We invested in the team last season. We have the team, now let’s work with the team and see what we do with it later.

“New players are never the only solution. And making this team stronger, the starting line-up, that’s really difficult and very expensive and we don’t have that money. That’s how it is.

“You cannot go out with £150m or £200m and just say, ‘Yes, that’s the guy we need and he can make us better’. Because, also, that would only be if one of the others cannot play. These players, you can’t really get, because they ask, ‘When will I play?’ and I have to tell them, ‘When he is ill or when he leaves.’ It makes it even more difficult.

“It’s the price you pay for success and for having a good team, and it’s also why I say settle down, watch, work, improve – because we have to – and then find the solutions in the moments when you need them.”

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