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Jürgen Klopp

Jürgen Klopp has issued a warning ahead of this evening’s Champions League clash against Genk.

A win could take the Reds to within a point of qualification from Group E but the boss insists that tonight’s visitors will definitely turn up and won’t roll over. He’s adamant that they’ll be fired up for the occasion and that we mustn’t lose our concentration.

Speaking in tonight’s match programme, the Liverpool manager said: “There is a work for us to do tonight and cannot and must not have our focus anywhere but here. We must be in the moment.

“We saw just how tight the group was last season. The very last kick of the very last group game could have put us out.

“If you for even half-a-second lose sight of how hard this competition is and how precious each and every point is, trust me, we will not have the experiences like we enjoyed the last couple of seasons.

“A Champions League game, be it group or knockout, is a heavyweight world-title fight every time. Every team you face has the quality to beat you and to knock you to the canvas. These teams don’t just have a puncher’s chance, they are winners with a winner’s approach.

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“If you have the wrong attitude or the wrong mindset you will lose. There is no question of this.

“I’m not particularly interested what happens elsewhere in the other groups but I am pretty sure it is the same in all of them. The final answer for group standings will almost certainly go to the last game again.

“I have no worries about our approach tonight because I know this team and this club is streetwise enough to know what is needed. We have that institutional knowledge ingrained in us that a Champions League night, be it at Anfield or away, is an occasion to relish and respect. As a club we don’t take these nights for granted and that must show in our performance.

“And by ‘our performance’ I mean all of us, players, management, staff and supporters. We all come here and show our best face. Genk absolutely will – so if we don’t, we risk our future in a competition we are in love with.

“If last season taught us anything it is that the European Cup isn’t just won on the night of the final. It is won in each and every minute you play in the tournament.”