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Klopp comments on “strong” relationship with FSG

Jürgen Klopp has been talking about his relationship with Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG).

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster ride under Fenway’s ownership since they bought the club back in October 2010. There have been many controversies under their management but there have also been some positives such as the expansion of the Anfield stadium and appointing Klopp as manager in 2015. Silverware has been limited but there is currently a positive vibe in the fan base that suggests that maybe it’s finally not too far away.

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This summer they have invested heavily in the squad and there have been no depressing ‘big-money’ sales as yet and if that remains the case in January, those who are critical of their ownership, may be unable to find much to pull them up for.

Commenting on his relationship with them, Klopp said: “Absolutely, the relationship with the owners is strong.

“It’s been there from the first moment but it has grown in a pretty healthy way.

“From the sports side, we never ask for crazy things. It’s not that we say: ‘If we don’t get this, we cannot do it.’

“I’ve always known about the things we could do and the opportunities we have. There has never been any need to moan.

“John and Tom are our owners too but Mike is my person. He’s our man, in FSG he’s the LFC man.

“He’s doing an outstanding job and has a big heart for LFC, that’s how it is. He loves the club and wants what’s best for it – that’s the truth.

“We like working together – Mike Gordon, Michael Edwards and myself. It’s a really healthy relationship.”

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