Klopp admits Lallana mistake

Adam Lallana

Jürgen Klopp insists Adam Lallana remains a key member of his squad despite the player’s ongoing injury problems.

The Liverpool manager admits that the Reds made a mistake in recalling him too soon and although he could be involved against Porto this evening, few would expect him to be unless absolutely necessary.

Klopp said: “Adam absolutely was an integral part of the team and with the competition we have for Adam it is still usually not a problem for him because he is important to us.

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“But he needed only time. Life is to learn from your mistakes and we all have to learn. We made this mistake — he looked fit. Maybe two little setbacks, not the biggest setbacks, but in and out, in and out, and that makes no sense so now we have to build with him. He is coming close.

“But of course he now has now no rhythm, which is another thing. We still need him, we will use him still.

“He is cool, he sees the quality of the team is good, but he is always one of the guys who push the level in training on to the next level because he is always so intense in all the things he is doing.

“So the time will come for him 100 percent.”