Jürgen Klopp swears on live TV following Derby win

Jürgen Klopp was caught swearing on live television last night. The Liverpool manager was unaware that the cameras were rolling but didn’t seem to care either when it became evident that his words had been picked up 😂

As Sky Sports were preparing to interview Klopp after the 3-0 win over Derby County in the League Cup, the boss could be heard saying: “They did not show this game on TV? They show every f*cking game in Germany!” 😂

Sky Sports News reporter Pete Colley apologised to viewers while Klopp just stood there with a big grin 😂

Swearing in interviews isn’t a big deal in countries such as Germany and Spain but it’s frowned upon in stiffer countries. It didn’t offend us! We like a bit of passion as KopTalk.TV viewers can verify 😉

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