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Jürgen Klopp confirms Liverpool FC transfer talks

Julian Brandt

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp says the club are already working on deals that would strengthen his squad in the summer.

Following another disappointing January transfer window, supporters will be hoping to see some additional quality added before the 2017-18 campaign gets underway.

Bayer Leverkusen’s Julian Brandt* is a primary target while there are rumours that Southampton CEO Gareth Rogers** will discuss a possible deal for Virgil Van Dijk with the Reds at some point today with both Premier clubs currently out in Spain for ‘warm weather’ training camps.

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Commenting on his summer plans, Klopp said: “We are in talks with different people – players, agents, all that stuff.

“Not a lot of decisions have been already made at this point. Why should they at this stage? But we are on the way. At the end, I’m sure we will have a really good squad.

“We already have a good squad and a few more good players will make it even better. There’s a good base.”

Asked if Champion League qualification was necessary to attract his targets, Klopp added: “I actually don’t think so but we will see.”

* An exclusive update was provided about Brandt and LFC earlier in the week on our members’ website here.

** For the latest on rumoured talks between Southampton and Liverpool see this post on our members’ website. KopTalk® is currently staying in the Hotel La Manga Club Príncipe Felipe where LFC are based although we believe the Saints are a couple of hours away at the Melia Villaitana hotel just outside Benidorm. We’ve also got that covered.

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