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John W Henry “under attack” from Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher & John Henry

Jamie Carragher has hit out at the Anfield hierarchy for not overseeing the strengthening of the Liverpool squad during the January transfer window.

Reds’ boss Jürgen Klopp has insisted that funds were available for transfers and that premiums were offered but that it was his decision not to spend. Carragher though isn’t convinced.

In what has been deemed as an “attack” at the club’s owners by the British media (above), the former Liverpool defender said: “A major disappointment, whether it was down to the manager or the board, was not getting any reinforcements in in January.

“The players are there. I am not saying panic buy.

“I am talking about in terms of numbers, Liverpool needed something. If you look at their bench, they haven’t got anything like what Manchester United have got, the teams they are trying to compete with.

“The fact that they haven’t reinforced from a position of strength – where they were in the league as the best challengers for Chelsea – has meant they have fallen away. They don’t have the squad to match the other teams.”

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He added: “I don’t think they’ve been smart in the transfer market. If you don’t fancy the left back you need to sign a new left back. The goalkeeper situation, that hasn’t worked. My biggest worry with Liverpool is they are too soft in midfield. I watched them against Chelsea who had two proper holding midfielders in Kante and Matip; in

“My biggest worry with Liverpool is they are too soft in midfield. I watched them against Chelsea who had two proper holding midfielders in Kante and Matip; in Liverpool I don’t see enough purpose and structure, and this is why they are in the position they are at the moment.”

The suggestions coming out of Anfield are that had Klopp paid premiums on his targets during the January transfer window, that this additional money would have been deducted from his summer transfer budget. For example, a target may be valued at £20million but during the January window, the selling club may have demanded a £5million premium taking his valuation up to £25million. The additional £5m would then, in theory, be deducted from the summer kitty meaning the manager would have £5m less to invest in new players ahead of the new campaign.

Premiums may have been offered as the manager has stated publicly to win over support from frustrated fans but clearly, those premiums were not considered premium enough by the selling clubs. A player that Liverpool had valued at £15m may have seen us offer £16m which includes a £1m premium but the player’s club may have wanted a £2m premium i.e. £17m.

We don’t believe for one minute that Klopp is trying to mislead the fan base but we do believe that there’s a big play of words being used on those who toe-the-Anfield-line. Yes, the manager could have spent during the January transfer window but would he have lost funds from his summer budget as a result? Money talks. Let’s not forget that. Everyone is available at a price. Klopp could have added to his squad but we can’t help but help think that his hands were tied to an extent.

A major summer spending spree is expected, especially as owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG) are starting to receive an online coshing from supporters who are becoming tired at the owners lack of ambition.

We wouldn’t say Jamie’s comments are an “attack” on Henry & Co. as such but it’s certainly a reminder to them that he, along with many other Reds, aren’t convinced with the claims that have come out of Anfield since the transfer window slammed shut.