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Jamie Carragher axed from TV3 job

Monday Night Football

Jamie Carragher has been axed from his punditry duties with Danish channel TV3 Sport this week following his well-documented spitting incident.

The former Liverpool defender was due to cover Manchester United’s Champions League clash with Sevilla on Tuesday but TV3 Sport have announced that they have axed him pending an investigation.

TV3 Sport executive director Peter Nørrelund said: “It does not look good.

“He should have been at Old Trafford tomorrow for United-Sevilla and we have chosen to sit over.

“We have sent an employee to Liverpool so we can get the story from the horse’s mouth.

“Whether it’s about the receptionist or Jamie Carragher, we do not fire people before we’ve heard them.

“It does not look cool. But we are all people.

“We would like to hear him about it and hear what happened.

“Let’s get it in place first.”

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Carragher is also due to appear on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football this evening but may be “rested”. It is claimed that he was already scheduled to start a fortnight’s break so they may bring that forward in the hope that things blow over.

Despite his inappropriate behaviour, many Manchester United supporters have surprisingly come to Carragher’s defence while also heavily criticising the driver who captured the incident and who seemed to take great joy in doing so.

It would appear that most people think Carragher shouldn’t lose his job with Sky Sports despite reacting badly to the driver who was endangering his daughter’s life while taunting and filming the former Liverpool man.

Carragher has apologised for his behaviour and insists that he never saw the young girl in the passenger seat.