Liverpool v Hull City – PRESS CONFERENCE

Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp held his pre-match press conference today to preview Saturday’s Premier League game against Hull City.


Please note that the manager’s quotes are shortened and may not be word for word what he said. The video is obviously much clearer but we know some of you are unable to watch videos at work/college/school etc.

  • Happy facing Spurs at home in League Cup, especially with no European nights.
  • Really pleased with development of Liverpool Under 23s.
  • Happy with both goalkeepers. Nothing to say. Will have to wait and see.
  • “We feel good and strong. We need to be ready for the next game, greedy, angry.”
  • “We want to perform. We have placed the biggest expectations on ourselves.”
  • “I think we can all improve. The players. The coaches. The team. The fans.”
  • Suggests the fans can make a difference by improving the atmosphere.
  • Should accept before games that they are going to be difficult.
  • It’s the player’s problem, not the manager’s, if he doesn’t play.
  • Doesn’t see any problems with players who can’t play.
  • No negatives with how many players we have (who can’t play).
  • Calls a journalist out for repeating a question “Are you not happy with my answer?”
  • Missing a chance in a game is “positive” because it means you had the chance.
  • We have to go there and be in the most positive mood we have ever been.
  • “All the big teams in the world don’t win every game they play.”
  • “It’s really important. We all have our part. We all have our role to play.”
  • “We have already changed from doubters to believers. That’s good.”
  • Joe Gomez not in team training but he’s doing good. Everything is good.
  • Daniel Sturridge had a final test yesterday. He should train today.
  • Laughs at journalist pushing if Sturridge will be available at the weekend. Journo: “I have to ask?”, “No you don’t. You think you do!” said the boss.
  • No issues with Sturridge. We will see who will be ready for the game.
  • “It’s the past [so why concentrate on it] when asked about LFC being leading selling club in major European leagues.
  • “The big clubs don’t change a lot [of players during transfer windows].”
  • “Liverpool has no need to be a selling club.”
  • “Change (player sales) is sometimes good but not everyone (fans) have been happy about it.”