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Former LFC chief: FSG risk losing Klopp to Chelsea, City or United

Christian Purslow

Former Liverpool FC managing director Christian Purslow believes the Reds must start spending serious money and on a regular basis if they are to stop falling further behind the Premier League’s top clubs.

Purslow, who was at Anfield during 2009 and 2010 to sort out the financial mess and to find a buyer for the club, fears the Reds could lose manager Jürgen Klopp if owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG) fail to provide serious funds to invest in the squad.

Having sold Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona, Purslow believes all of that money must be handed over to Klopp to strengthen further.

Commenting on what Liverpool should do next, Purslow said: “Go and buy [Marco] Verratti out of Paris (PSG).

“Who has won the league in the last two years? Leicester and Chelsea. What was the common denominator? N’Golo Kante. Would he make Liverpool better? Would he have made Liverpool better? Would he today make Liverpool better? Indisputably. He starts for France, he’s a world-class central holding midfield player.

“I just think Liverpool have to aim high. When you use an adjective like ‘fine’, I just want to slit my throat. I don’t want fine, I want ‘brilliant’ because they just sold ‘brilliant’.

“Honestly! We’ve just got £145million, so you can’t say it’s because we haven’t got the cash. But not ‘fine’, please. ‘Fine’ gets you fourth, fifth, sixth.

“It’s not a big six, it’s a three and a three. It feels to me like City, United and Chelsea are breaking away from Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham for pure economic reasons.

“United signed Pogba, the most desired footballer on the planet, he went there last summer. The most productive centre-forward in the Premier League, Lukaku, went there last summer. Mkhitaryan, probably the most admired creative midfield player in Germany, went there. They’re shopping at Harrods. Liverpool need to start shopping at Harrods rather than just selling the good ones.

“I really believe … Jurgen Klopp … he is absolutely a-list. He’s the next manager for one of those bigger clubs if Liverpool don’t fulfil his ambitions, for sure.”

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Purslow, like most fans, also believes Simon Mignolet and Loris Karius are simply not good enough.

“If there’s one thing I’d love the money to go on it would be a world-class goalkeeper,” added Purslow. “Having two goalkeepers who are quite good is insane and that smacks of some sort of financial, you know, clever … ‘let’s be sensible’ rather than ‘let’s go and buy the best whatever it takes’ like they did with Van Dijk.

“Don’t judge Klopp, judge the owners. Are they going to give him all of that money to buy the players he wants to buy?”

Back in 2010, Purslow sent a private email to his fellow directors Martin Broughton, Ian Ayre and Philip Nash ahead of a proposed sale to FSG. In the email, which was later disclosed during court proceedings, Purslow said: “To get it straight, I think we should avoid the natural temptation to jump straight into the deal with NESV (now known as FSG).

“Whilst they are charming, intelligent and credible their bid is by any standards at the extreme bottom end of the ‘right deal’ threshold we set for ourselves: it only reduces debt by less than half and is I feel unlikely to yield incremental equity to fund a stadium.

“They may say they have money if necessary but I do not take this very seriously. Their eyes only lit up at the idea of other opportunity improvements.”

In the email, he also described any deal with FSG as “a bottom of the barrel outcome”.

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