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Emre Can rubbishes contract cash claims

Jürgen Klopp & Emre Can

Emre Can has rubbished claims that he has failed to agree a new contract with the Reds due to financial reasons.

It has previously been suggested that the 23-year-old Liverpool midfielder was holding the club to ransom over his wage demands which naturally upset supporters, especially as such claims were made during a period where he hasn’t been at his best. You may recall that we urged you to ignore those claims.

Fortunately, the player has now come out and commented that he’s very happy at Anfield and he insists the contract delay is not about money. In fact, he goes as far as to suggest it’s actually about where’s played in the team.

Can explained: “I read it was about money but it isn’t about money. It is never about the money.

“We’ve had a few good meetings and everything is fine.

“I am happy at Liverpool. You never know what will happen in football but I am happy here and I am still contracted here. Everything is fine.

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“It is about the future, what happens. The last few months the most important thing has been that I am pain-free and we have spoken more about that than the contract.

“We will speak in the next few weeks and months and see what happens.

“I want to play injury-free. The meetings are with my agent but I am very happy at Liverpool. In the future, I can play for many years at Liverpool.

“I know I could do much better. I’ve had a few problems, calf problems, but I kept going and I played. Maybe it was not good that I played and did not have a break but the last few weeks were better and I feel strong again. I know when I am fit and pain-free I am confident. I know what I am going to do.

“I feel good at the moment. I have to come back to the old Emre because when I am fit I know what I am able to do and I am confident enough to know I can play much better than in the past.

“I’ve had calf problems for many years and it has been very difficult for me because I’ve played out of position, which means more sprints. Ten minutes into the game I’ve not been able to feel my feet in a few games. I didn’t like to go to the media and say ‘I am injured’.

“I didn’t play well when it was my opportunity to play and it was my mistake. I play in a different position now and I don’t sprint too much. Last week was good, against Burnley was good and I was pain-free.

“When I play as a number eight I have to go forward and sprint more and I had a few problems with my calf. When I play at six you don’t have to sprint too much, you are in the middle and you have to make challenges and don’t have to go too far away.

“Maybe the trainer has to decide.”