Digger: Klopp doesn’t need silverware this season

John Aldridge

Liverpool legend John Barnes says he doesn’t believe that Jürgen Klopp must win a trophy this season.

Some quarters of the media along with supporters of rival clubs insist that the German manager must deliver this term. However, most Liverpool supporters and the likes of Digger, don’t believe Klopp is under any pressure at all.

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Barnes said: “Well, would we rather get silverware and win the League Cup and finish 25 points behind City or finish second behind City by three points and not win silverware? That for me is more important.

“That shows progress. That shows that you’re going to be consistently challenging at the highest level for the league and that will mean they’ll be challenging in cup competitions.

“So the whole idea of needing silverware, for me, is not as important as getting much closer to the top.

“Because if you’re much closer to the top of the Premier League, that means that you’re consistently winning matches and playing well which would help you in cup competitions as well.

“Yes, it would be nice to win a trophy, but I’d rather not win a trophy and finish second, seven or eight points off the top.”