Carragher: Origi’s not good enough for Liverpool

Divock Origi

Jamie Carragher believes Belgian striker Divock Origi isn’t good enough for Liverpool.

The 25-year-old hitman may have scored some important goals for the Reds but he’s inconsistent and most Liverpool fans would admit he’s about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike. He certainly doesn’t fill us with confidence when he comes of the bench. A nice enough lad, no doubt, and we support him 100% when he wears that beautiful Liverpool jersey, but good enough he is not.

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Speaking on The Super 6 Podcast, Carra said: “If you look at Liverpool’s attacking players they don’t have a striker. Jota is not a striker, same with Mane, same with Salah.

“They have Divock Origi but he’s nowhere near good enough and a lot of the time he plays out wide, because he can’t play as a centre-forward.”

We expect Origi will be moved out in the summer once his agent finds him a new club. Liverpool certainly won’t stand in his way if his valuation is met.