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Bizarre Roberto Firmino transfer claims

Roberto Firmino

Bayern Munich are reportedly interested in signing Liverpool’s Brazilian ace Roberto Firmino.

Multiple reports this morning, all of which are sourced from a certain rag that shall not be named, which was also responsible for recently claiming that Virgil van Dijk was wanted by Juventus, claim that the German giants want to recruit the 28-year-old.

What makes today’s claims bizarre is not the the suggestion that Bayern will step forward with an offer in the summer but that they value him at £75million.

We don’t like touching on reports that originate from this particular British tabloid and wouldn’t if they hadn’t been picked up by other publications who are sourcing it.

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The multiple reports have created a lot of chatter amongst Liverpool fans this morning and it’s important that we make you aware of where the claims originate from.

We won’t just dismiss claims because we don’t trust the original source, but it’s important to note that these recent reports which could unsettle the camp, are only coming from them. Yes, we see various transfer claims made about our players on a daily basis but the claims about VDV and Firmino just appear ridiculous and in our opinion, they are completely untrue.

According to well-placed sources, Firmino is extremely happy and settled at the club and the general consensus is that he’d be the least likely to jump ship out of the front 3.