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PODCAST: Attack wins you games, defence wins you titles!

A certain Manchester United manager once said: “Attack wins you games, defence wins you titles!” and in today’s episode Duncan Oldham discusses a very similar statement made in one of your emails to the podcast.

Also up for discussion is Emre Can. The Big Man is asked whether or not Emre Can is actually any good. Is he?

Liverpool FC CEO Peter Moore crops up again as does Philippe Coutinho’s proposed transfer away from Anfield.

That 4-1 defeat to Tottenham gets a mention which obviously mean so does Dejan Lovren. There’s also some love for Danny Ings who has been linked with Leeds United and Newcastle United recently.

There’s also much, much more on today’s episode!

Please note that the KopTalk podcast is not work or family friendly and is not for the easily offended.

DURATION: 1hr 21 mins



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