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Andy Robertson rubbishes claims Reds are bottling it

Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson has rubbished suggestions that Liverpool are bottling their title challenge after only managing a 1-1 draw at West Ham in the Premier League last night.

Jürgen Klopp’s side have drawn their last two consecutive games which has allowed second-placed Manchester City to reduce their deficit to just 3 points.

Football commentators and supporters are now suggesting that Liverpool aren’t up to the challenge and will collapse to allow City to claim the title. Robertson disagrees.

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The Liverpool defender said: “I wouldn’t say nerves are showing – did anyone say that when City picked up no points at Palace and Leicester? I don’t think they did.

“It’s no different for us. A lot of people talk about pressure because we’ve never been in this position but it’s February. I think everyone needs to relax and try and enjoy the run-in if you’re fans.

“Many other teams would want to be in the position we’re in just now, so, nerves aren’t showing in the changing room. It’s just two poor results and poor performances, which happens during a long season. We might look back on it as a good point.

“We don’t know that just now, but we’ve got to get back to playing the better football that we can, but it’s nothing to do with nerves.”


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