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Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson has responded to the criticism he has received as a result of his performance for Scotland during their 2-1 defeat to Russia on Friday.

The Scotland skipper made a costly mistake that directly led to a goal for Russia and he’s taking a right coshing on social media as a result.

Appointed captain by Alex McLeish last year, Robertson has kept the armband under current head coach Steve Clarke and he admits that he finds defeats harder now that he has the added pressure of responsibility on his shoulders.

Robertson said: “Being criticised, rightly or wrongly, it’s maybe stronger now that I’m captain. But these are things I’m made for.

“If people criticise me, it’s fine. I’d prefer they didn’t because it means I’ve put in a good performance – but sometimes that doesn’t always go your way.

“Some games as captain I’ve not been good enough, some I have been, but that’s me to look at my own performance. That’s what I’ve looked at over the last few games.

“I don’t like getting beaten anyway, but on Friday I maybe dwelled on it longer than usual. I’ve learned a lot. Good things and bad things.”

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