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Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain rejects Chelsea for Liverpool

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has turned down a transfer to Chelsea in the hope of securing a move to Liverpool.

Earlier this week Chelsea agreed a £40million transfer fee with Arsenal for the 24-year-old but he has his heart set on a move to Anfield and not Stamford Bridge.

Oxlade-Chamberlain believes Chelsea want to use him as a wing-back but his preferred position is in the centre of midfield which is something that would suit Reds’ boss Jürgen Klopp if he was to make a late move for him.

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Liverpool are continuing to negotiate with Monaco for Thomas Lemar and if they reach an agreement for him, Oxlade-Chamberlain could miss out as we feel he is a fallback option. However, if Liverpool did get Lemar over the line before Thursday’s deadline, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Reds made a cheeky offer for Oxlade-Chamberlain but under the £40m asking price.

Linked with us since March 2016, Klopp has always denied having an interest in the player. In December 2016 he said it was “nonsense” that he would be making an attempt to recruit him but we wrote at the time that we weren’t convinced because privately Klopp has spoken of the player’s potential.

It’s one of those links that just won’t go away and the player is clearly up for the move. We’ve always thought we would sign him but we’ve never really seen him as a priority and that would appear to be the case.

If the Lemar talks collapse, we think we’ll make a formal offer for Oxlade-Chamberlain. If we do manage to capture Lemar, Oxlade-Chamberlain may have to drop to his knees to seek some divine intervention.

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