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Jean-Pierre Bernes

The former agent of Nabil Fekir has criticised the Real Betis striker after he slammed him for his part in his failed 2018 proposed move to Liverpool.

Earlier today we published quotes from Fekir who criticised former agent Jean-Pierre Bernes, who has since started legal proceedings against Fekir as a result of their separation. Bernes has chimed in with his version of events and rubbishes Fekir’s claim that his knee was fine when he underwent his Liverpool medical.

Bernes said: “He has to stop this show and stop taking people for fools. Everyone knows what happened.

“The transfer to Liverpool turned around for two reasons. The first is his knee, even though the English club’s chiefs were willing to make an effort on this. The second is the appearance of a foreign pseudo-representative who asked for the negotiations to be resumed from the beginning at the moment of signing. Between this episode and the medical visit, Liverpool’s chiefs decided to abandon the deal.”

Bernes’ lawyer Carlo Alberto Brusa added: “This representation is related to the premature termination of the contract concluded between agent Bernes and Nabil Fekir, given the fact that the player and his entourage have taken liberties in breach of contractual obligations and in particular in violation of the clause ‘exclusive’.”

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It sounds like trouble was brewing behind the scenes at the time and that could explain why Liverpool cited the knee as being the reason they pulled out when in reality it could have been because they sensed trouble was ahead.

Bernes is a controversial figure. He was involved in the French football bribery scandal of 1993 which involved three Valenciennes players being bribed to underperform in a match against Marseille so that the French outfit’s players could stay fresh for the 1993 Champions League final against A.C. Milan which they went on to win 1-0. Bernes was involved in the phone call to arrange the bribe. He was given a 2-year suspended sentence and a fine. He was then banned for life by the French Football Federation in 1994 although that was overturned by FIFA in 1996.