It’s that time of the year again. The 2019-20 football season has just kicked-off and we are in for another season of an emotional roller-coaster. The Liverpool FC fans are especially excited about this season for various reasons. The last season was anything but a usual season for them. They won the esteemed UEFA Champions League and missed the English Premier League title by just one point. They also became the only team in history to have scored 97 points in the EPL without lifting the trophy. The rise of players like Mo Salah and Sadio Mane also gave the players a new beacon of hope for the upcoming seasons. The fans stand united behind Jurgen Klopp and his boys for the new season. The following are some things to keep an eye out for if you are a Liverpool FC fan.

Jordan Henderson


The match schedule of Liverpool FC is not final yet. The games the Reds will play in the UCL are subject to our performance in the group stages. It is predicted that the first half of the ongoing season will prove to be critical for the team as it will lay the foundation of the rest of the season. If you are a sports betting fan, it is advisable for you to warm up before the winter break. You can warm up by making small bets and getting to know about the dynamics of the team this season. Also, you can play online casino games to get a gist of gambling money online. For this, you need to get acquainted with some of the best online betting sites like Spin Palace casino.

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Current form

As a Liverpool fan, you also need to know about the current form of the players who will be going out to battle this season. The hot topic of discussion is Mo Salah. Due to some inconsistencies in his performance rate, many have labeled him as a ‘One season wonder’. Will Salah be able to answer his critics with another season of outclassing performance? Only time will tell. Also, the exquisite form of the defender Virgil Van Dijk is essential to be noted here. When he was bought, he was the most expensive defender ever purchased in EPL history. Fans were a bit confused about this decision, but all their confusion evaporated once he set his feet on the pitch. His impressive performances, especially in the UCL, played a pivotal role in helping Liverpool win the cup.

Mo Salah


Liverpool will be coming in hot to win everything it sets its eyes on this season. Its prime ambitions will include the EPL and the UCL. Being the reigning champions of the UCL, the morale of the team is quite high. The Reds will venture to do anything to win the UCL again. It may sound insanely ambitious to win UCL twice in a row, but Real Madrid won the UCL three times in a row. Hence, Liverpool will be looking to make history and win UCL again. Also, the Reds will set their eyes on the prize at home as well. Last season, they just missed the target with a single point. This season, it will work hard from the start to make sure it is the Red team that lifts the English trophy this season. In the end, it can be said the season ahead for any Liverpool fan is going to be a special one. The morale in the team is quite high, and the Reds will work hard to keep up with the top bar of standards it has set for itself and the fans.