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We all want to be as close to Liverpool Football Club as is possible but not all of us are presented with such an opportunity. By becoming a KopTalk member, we will do all that we can to bring you closer to what’s happening at Anfield. Our members’ website is populated by die-hard Liverpool FC fans, some of whom are directly connected to the club. Whether you’re reading our exclusive member-only Liverpool FC news updates or rubbing shoulders with other VIP Liverpool fans, we promise you that you’ll have a fun and informative time. Thousands of Liverpool fans have joined our members’ website over the years including even Liverpool FC directors & owners. KopTalk, which is owned and run by Liverpool fans, has been online since the 1990s. Thanks to your support, we remain 100% independent and free of influence.

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The award winning KopTalk website is one of the oldest football websites in the world. Stretching more than 2 decades, KopTalk has established an extensive network of sources associated to the club and in the game in general due to our relationships with various players, agents, directors, journalists, influential individuals and supporters.

Over the years we have resisted lucrative opportunities to ‘sell out’ meaning we have remained free of influence. To put it quite simply, we refuse to toe-the-line, which from time-to-time has seen us attract negative attention from our rivals and certain cliques within the online Liverpool FC communities. But by resisting interference and influence we can provide our followers and our VIP members the very best independent coverage of Liverpool FC.

We need YOUR support! By becoming a KopTalk VIP Member, your financial contribution will help us retain our independence and it will enable us to continue updating Liverpool FC supporters all around the world, many of whom are not in a position to support us and who rely on our coverage.

Our membership costs less than 14p-a-day and if you subscribe for longer, it’s even cheaper!

A KopTalk VIP membership includes FREE access to our additional videos from KopTalk.TV (a saving of £36-a-year!) which are embedded on the VIP members’ website AND all bonus episodes of the KopTalk Podcast (a saving of £29-a-year!)

If you want to access all of our content, additional videos and podcasts, a KopTalk VIP Membership is all that you need. 

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  • Exclusive Liverpool FC news that is not published on KopTalk
  • Liverpool FC insight (no unsubstantiated Twitter nonsense!) and opinion
  • More detailed reporting due to our secure and private environment
  • In-depth articles (some are shortened or not published at all on KopTalk)
  • Detailed analysis of the various LFC news and claims circulating the web
  • 100% ad-free. No advertising. No banners. Nothing!
  • FREE access to KopTalk.TV’s extra videos worth £36-a-year!
  • FREE access to the bonus episodes of the KopTalk Podcast worth £36-a-year!
  • Blistering fast discussion forums
  • A VIP community that is moderated and updated around the clock every day of the year
  • Video content e.g. press conferences, goals and interviews when available
  • Links to live streams on match-days
  • Strict moderation policies to ensure mature discussion
  • Direct 1-on-1 communication with the KopTalk editor via Whatsapp
  • VIP support every day of the year
  • Community-driven help with Liverpool FC tickets
  • Exclusive competitions and give-aways
  • No click-bait. No advertorials. No influenced editorials
  • Member-only discounts
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“Bottom line is if you want to be left guessing by the mainstream media go for it but if you want to know exactly what’s going on just become a member today and trust me when I say you will love it” – Mattyp_Tville

“Great site – the only place I can get Liverpool info that I trust!”CC

“Thanks for all you do on KopTalk. It’s the only site I trust,” – Joanne M

“I have been a long time lurker and occasional poster for ages. I reckon its pre-2000. KopTalk has been my favourite LFC website for all that time. You cant beat it!”Stevie W

“The site has been fantastic not only for reliable and sensible transfer news but for great fan debates and club information … the free extra videos are class too,” – Phil C

“I will definitely renew, you guys are doing an amazing job, keep up the good work!”MG

“Thanks to Koptalk for their coverage on this window in general. Been bang on every time,”KevtheRed

“We get info from people who are at the club or closely connected and we get background info that the papers miss. You don’t get all of these things on the free sites and to me, it’s well worth the subs,”Stu

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