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Tbh Sakho should not have been on their bench...it should have been pointed out to him before he took his seat, that it was a huge mark of disrespect. The media knew an opportunity was going to surface in that game to get a story, the moment Sakho ch
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Jump to new posts Re: The Reds v Palace sun by Redneckscouser @ 46 minutes 38 seconds ago

This result only amplifies the need for specialist experienced coaches! Same mistakes against the same teams shows Klopp his sidekick Bullsh*t (or whatever his name is?) & Pippy longstockings dont have the technical nous to coach the players to d
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We're a weak club. Very hard to support weakness. We've no metal, no winning mentality. We buckle under pressure every single time. Also rans for too many years now. It's getting old
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Jump to new posts Re: Watford v The Reds by TheMightyLFC @ Yesterday at 11:04 PM

Originally Posted By sixtiesredWell gone is my confidence in a top four berth just one slip and already utd closed the gap to 3 points ! away at Watford is another banana skin anything less than a win is not exceptable given current situation imo ?
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Jump to new posts Re: Player by Position Assessment Part II by sixtiesred @ Yesterday at 10:50 PM

Not going to happen with out CL berth and it looks like a lost cause if that is the best we can do at home v lower opo ?
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Jump to new posts Re: Side to Side to Side... was like watching Tennis! by sixtiesred @ Yesterday at 10:38 PM

Benteke wasn't a fit for us in our style that's for sure but we should of got a better striker that did and that falls on the suits fsg and Klopp ! Old players especially strikers look good against us because we have a p1ss weak defence and that's
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Jump to new posts Re: We sold Benteke to keep Sicknote and Origi! by sixtiesred @ Yesterday at 10:31 PM

Our problem is we don't upgrade when we sell a striker in fact I don't think we even bought a real striker! that's our problem the transfer markets and the dik head suits we employ to get our players there useless 8 out of 10 times ! That's my opin
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Jump to new posts Re: Player by Position Assessment Part I by sixtiesred @ Yesterday at 10:23 PM

But we might not have to worry about cl if today's match is anything to go by straight away utd close the gap to 3 points !
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Jump to new posts Re: Summer transfer rumours by sixtiesred @ Yesterday at 10:13 PM

Well after today highly likely we won't get cl so the big budget will be off the cards
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Jump to new posts Consistently by Welsh_Wizard @ Yesterday at 06:49 PM

That is our problem all season. Too often or not individual players will give world class performances for a couple of games and then for the next couple play worse than league players. Our problem is that they tend to perform badly together. Cout
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Jump to new posts Re: Hendo ? by sixtiesred @ Yesterday at 12:05 PM

This will become an issue as time goes by if we don't sort summin in the summer imo
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Jump to new posts Re: Theresa May calls for snap General Election June 8th by Redneckscouser @ Yesterday at 11:13 AM

The UK could do with some dynamic leaders who have not been ingratiated in the Eton, Oxford and Cambridge establishments to take the Country forward. The cyclical regurgitation every 4 years of these establishment toffs does nothing positive for the
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Jump to new posts Re: JT by RedsforChampions @ Yesterday at 04:48 AM

Originally Posted By ecnirp98Originally Posted By TheKopProphetConte binned him cos his legs are gone. If he's not mobile enough for Conte - why should he be for Klopp. I think we will look for a young agile CB not a geriatric. In the last 3 PL
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Jump to new posts Re: We need CL, signings and luck... by sixtiesred @ Yesterday at 01:40 AM

Yup spot on
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Originally Posted By RedsforChampions[/quote] Who is bush? Kate...she was seen fleeing...Running Up That Hill...
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Jump to new posts Re: Our Summer Transfer Tactics by RedsforChampions @ 21/04/17 05:43 AM

Originally Posted By wilkij1975That may be the case but at least it's more representative of what it would be. As I said before, I don't remember a weaker squad especially our bench.
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PC built and currently in testing.
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Jump to new posts Re: Grave Robbing by RedsforChampions @ 19/04/17 04:35 AM

Originally Posted By Chris2402Originally Posted By WNPOut of the 4 teams most likely to go down (Sunderland, Middlesborough, Swansea and Hull), are there any players that would be good buys for us? IMO there are none that would get in our first team
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Jump to new posts Re: Disconnected...Liverpool FC from the fans by ecnirp98 @ 19/04/17 12:02 AM

If she's putting her head over the parapet and commenting, she must expect some criticism, I've not seen the comments, but this is what social media is like, she knows that, if she doesn't like it, stop commenting, easy. Could be worse, she could be
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Originally Posted By RedneckscouserThe incident in the nightclub happened last sunday and McKenzie decides to write the article to go in on the eve of The Hillsborough anniversary, 5 days later? Obviously done to get more shock value... Spot on,
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Jump to new posts Re: Do we need a 50m + striker? by ecnirp98 @ 17/04/17 05:40 PM

Yeah, I saw Napoli (with Maradonna & Careca), v AC Milan some great players with Gullit, Van Basten, Rijkaard, Maldini & Baresi, what a team that was. Maradonna headed one in from outside the box, as Napoli went on to win 4-1, was a great ga
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Jump to new posts Re: The Reds v Baggies away sun by lumba @ 17/04/17 04:50 PM

Well I guess it would be nice If I could touch your body I know not everybody Has got a body like you, uhh

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