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We have had good luck with Scots.
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Jump to new posts Re: August 2017 is the defining month for FSG by TheKopProphet @ Today at 04:17 AM

Barca don't want him badly enough... their offers are a joke.
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Originally Posted By chestervilleOriginally Posted By Chris2402It would be nice to see both Liverpool and Dortmund stand up to Barcelona and hold on to both Coutinho and Dembele. Barca rely on the player to force the move and then hit the selling clu
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Originally Posted By sixtiesredHow about a contract being a contract say a max of 4 yrs of which no club can approach said player for 1st 3 yrs or suffer a taransfer ban for two years If a player wants to leave as long as it's not due to other club
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Jump to new posts Re: Summer transfer rumours by TiredReds @ Today at 03:48 AM

Originally Posted By GrowlerWhat an absolutely CRACKIN' start to the new season this is then ey? Keep the ungracious petulant nasty little childish sh1t, and keep him in the reserves all season, ruining his WC chances, or stab ourselves in the b
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Jump to new posts Reds v Hoffenhiem - wed by sixtiesred @ Today at 02:19 AM

Euro nite yehar
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Jump to new posts Re: Liverpool vs C Palace by sixtiesred @ Today at 02:04 AM

Sunderland wasn't it ?
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Jump to new posts Re: Is Coutinho on strike or really injured? by sixtiesred @ Today at 02:02 AM

Well he has been reported as saying he never wants to play for Lfc again ? So if true don't really matter if he's injured or not does it ?
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Jump to new posts Re: Do you support Klopp or FSG??? by sixtiesred @ Today at 01:33 AM

As long as your a high profile club with money to buy and pay TCP's they will come if you make the right offer ! after all how much different were city and Chelsea before they bought big name players to Leicester ? none of them had any real history o
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Jump to new posts Re: Growlers things that make you happy thread! by wilkij1975 @ Yesterday at 08:42 PM

Her mum is used to it all as she's been with him ages. The wife gets a bit [oops] off with him when we're there. Just feels like she's never had a dad. But he's ok most of the time. His pills keep him in check. I've only seen him go once in nearly
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Jump to new posts Re: Serri to sign? by paul66 @ Yesterday at 08:17 PM

Originally Posted By WNPOriginally Posted By Chris2402Originally Posted By WNPOriginally Posted By Chris2402According to the SkySports rumour page this lad is going to Barcelona for 36.5million. Let them have him, they won't need Coutinho then wi
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Jump to new posts Re: More Muslim killings by Stanley Park @ Yesterday at 08:00 PM

Originally Posted By TiredRedsOriginally Posted By Stanley ParkAnd as for your jibe shaggy about it being creepy seeing the carnage by the Muslim terrors in Barcelona it was on my Facebook feed but you know what I am glad I have seen it everyone shou
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Jump to new posts Re: Coutinho bid Rejected by SPANGO7 @ Yesterday at 03:39 PM

Originally Posted By Welsh_WizardI agree, we should stop messing around Southampton and Leipzig, we constantly try to get players on the cheap and increase the bids by small quantities. The same as Barca and RM. How hard is it to contact the sellin
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Jump to new posts Re: Protest time by SPANGO7 @ Yesterday at 11:32 AM

Originally Posted By ReclaimThePubI can tell you're getting riled as you've brought out the distantly challenged again not at all your... completely off the mark there, but hey ho never mind, Why on earth would I want to get riled on a football for
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Jump to new posts Re: Isn't it time Liverpool Echo felt the fury of the fans? by chesterville @ Yesterday at 07:40 AM

Originally Posted By RedneckscouserThe Liverpool Echo "supposedly" the voice of the fans with their finger on the pulse of everything Liverpool FC...that's what they tell us incessantly...with pop up videos after videos, on any hand crafted
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Jump to new posts Re: Observations at anfield by Stanley Park @ Yesterday at 01:20 AM

Originally Posted By KingoftheKopThe Mail on Sunday is a conservative newspaper, Stan. Some of its leading contributors include Peter Hitchens and Piers fuckiing Morgan. The paper is owned by the Daily Mail and its editor worked at the Daily Mail for
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Jump to new posts Re: Klopp threatened to quit if Klopp sold by SPANGO7 @ 19/08/17 08:55 PM

Originally Posted By LFCDownUnderOriginally Posted By SPANGO7Originally Posted By GrowlerOriginally Posted By SPANGO7If he goes he goes he would be replaced... Really? How forward thinking of you. No sh1t Sherlock. Next nugget of info? just
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Jump to new posts Re: Draxler by Growler @ 19/08/17 10:07 AM

Sniffin going on here too. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/1...s-mamadou-sakho Another dead duck and no deal then?
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Jump to new posts Re: The Brexit Negotiations: What does Britain want? by TiredReds @ 19/08/17 04:35 AM

Originally Posted By Stanley ParkNo it does not guarantee the EU will agree they might reject the UK idea on no Irish borders too. But at some point the EU will have to agree something by the time next football season kicks off Britain will only hav
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Jump to new posts Re: Players we should get by Muj @ 19/08/17 01:26 AM

Originally Posted By Hercules/AF 58Originally Posted By Mujwhat a joke this new CEO guy is. Peter is it? keep tweeting that hes not involved with transfers side of the club. hahhaa. what a joke. he cant even claim the Western union deal I reckon
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Jump to new posts Re: Are we even trying to sign players??? by sixtiesred @ 19/08/17 12:54 AM

Well in my world if somone says they would consider an offer that I would take it as the goods are for sale don't know how you can think it's not for sale with a comment from the owner of the property so speak like that wilks ? that's my point he wa
Liverpool FC Forum
Jump to new posts Re: Coutnho to Barcelona deal almost complete! by Shaggydog @ 18/08/17 06:53 PM

Originally Posted By lumbaC'mon,give us a hug cowboy. Just do you know, that's not his pistol
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Jump to new posts Re: North Korea by Shaggydog @ 18/08/17 06:29 PM

Originally Posted By lumbaA finger of fudge is just enough for me.
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Jump to new posts Re: Coutinho Hands In Transfer Request by sixtiesred @ 18/08/17 01:11 PM

TBH I'm not that fussed if we get 130 mil there abouts the only bad thing is the timing and no candidates to replace him
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Jump to new posts Re: Pressure Already on Klopp by wilkij1975 @ 18/08/17 11:49 AM

Originally Posted By Mr BojanglesOriginally Posted By SPANGO7To put all ure eggs in one basket and gamble a whole summers transfer activity on two players especially after the January transfer calamity is gross incompetency of the highest order on th

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