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Originally Posted By sixtiesredComplete and utter B ollox we need to sort these stupid rules out once and for all Don't think will happen as the countries FA would be against it and I can understand them. Club vs Country problem. Mourinho called i
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Originally Posted By ShaggydogOriginally Posted By ecnirp98I'd have Matip in, give him 60 minutes, he's fit now as we wanted to play him yesterday, hopefully we'll have an answer by then from Fifa, do you still Telex Fifa or have the got a Fax now, o
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Originally Posted By sixtiesredI believe they should it's foul by players who do it and should be exposed the P ricks ! It's an epidemic in the game now unfortunately.
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Jump to new posts Re: Man Utd v the reds by sixtiesred @ Yesterday at 10:33 PM

No he's not. They've said he's not for sale. [/quote] Yeah that always worked for us too didn't it [/quote] Everyone is available for the right price but it's not like with Fonte where he's said he wants to leave. So in that respect he's not a
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Jump to new posts Re: Last 25 years: Always 1-2 quality players short! by ecnirp98 @ Yesterday at 10:09 PM

I've been critical of Clyne's shooting, he often gets in good positions in and around the box and rarely gets a shot on target, he lacks composure, same with his crossing, so he and the coaches should work on it to improve, for the positions he gets
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Jump to new posts Re: The poem society by wilkij1975 @ 14/01/17 08:07 PM

Way too much culture in here so- There was a young lady from Ealing Who had a terrible feeling She laid on her back And opened her crack And [oops] all over the ceiling. I thank you
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Jump to new posts Re: LUCAS by wilkij1975 @ 14/01/17 07:49 PM

Originally Posted By MujOriginally Posted By Ambitious1Wijnaldum is no better... both would be brilliant rugby players because theres nobody that can pass the ball sideways or backwards like they do. I can bet Henderson is not too far behind in t
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Jump to new posts Re: Best way forward for Henry/klopp by wilkij1975 @ 14/01/17 07:43 PM

Originally Posted By RedsforChampionsOriginally Posted By Ambitious1If hypothetically we dont finish in the top 4 this season. Who do you think will take accountability for it? The manager or the owners? In some ways I think it would be fascinating t
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Jump to new posts Re: Costa acting up and we are still asleep by wilkij1975 @ 14/01/17 06:56 PM

And what of Mane's replacement when he's back in possibly three to four weeks?
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Jump to new posts Re: 4m signing made by RedsforChampions @ 13/01/17 04:50 PM

Originally Posted By Mr BojanglesHe's decent. No more than that. PSV snapped him up from heerenveen and he didn't amount to much. A good winger or good player from PSV goes to a better side than Swansea. And for more money. Depay wijnaldum de Jong
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Jump to new posts Re: RIP Graham Taylor by Growler @ 13/01/17 08:36 AM

Bloody good decent honest 'old school' bloke, especially when you compare and think about that festering heaving sack of shyte that we had as a so called 'manager' a couple of months ago.
Jump to new posts Re: Music thread! (now epic) by LiverbirdLain @ 12/01/17 10:04 PM

Thanks a lot for that Wilki, Del X
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Jump to new posts Re: Hillsborough 23 criminal prosecutions by Shaggydog @ 12/01/17 06:53 PM

Not before time
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Jump to new posts Re: The reds v saints by Chris2402 @ 12/01/17 03:14 PM

Hey Faz You were extremely critical of Karius before this game started, what did you think of his performance? He was probably our best player and made a couple of crucial saves to keep the score down! Like others have said the positives from last
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Jump to new posts Re: We can win it by Shaggydog @ 12/01/17 10:52 AM

Originally Posted By RedsforChampionsOriginally Posted By sixtiesredTake hike idjit Resorting to name calling says everything, I thought people get banned for this, let's see. If they do, you are in big trouble.
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Jump to new posts Re: is this good news for LFC? by RedsforChampions @ 12/01/17 06:28 AM

Originally Posted By Stanley ParkThat ship has sailed once Everton get their new stadium on the waterfront with rail links long term the game is up for us. Not only is our stadium a patch up job it's in the wrong place Do you mean that a new stad
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I don't think much will change this month for the reasons already stated. In the summer I think things like a new LB, comp for RB (though I expect young/potential), probably GK too and Karius and Migs will fight it out until the summer when we NEED a
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Jump to new posts Re: Showing real Ambition by RedsforChampions @ 11/01/17 10:18 AM

Originally Posted By van GoghOf course, but who else can we put at LB then? Moreno, who is the only left footed player we have who can fill in there? It's a matter of maximizing the team strength aswell. I feel we should buy a good LB and we'll ha

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