Diego Maradona RIP

Posted by: ecnirp98

Diego Maradona RIP - 25/11/20 06:29 PM

Sad news Diego Maradona has passed away, for me, the greatest player ever, certainly the best player I ever saw live (playing in AC Milan v Napoli in 1988).

He had his flaws & demons, but as a footballer, he was something very special.

Posted by: kernowred

Re: Diego Maradona RIP - 25/11/20 07:54 PM

very sad news. What an awesome player he was,right up there with the greatest of all time.i dont care about his "hand of god"goal.his 2nd v England was worth 2!

Posted by: Snakeye

Re: Diego Maradona RIP - 25/11/20 08:49 PM

RIP to the legend Diego Maradona, very sad news indeed.
Posted by: Stanley Park

Re: Diego Maradona RIP - 25/11/20 09:53 PM

Yes truly one of the greatest players ever maybe the greatest
Posted by: Pickles

Re: Diego Maradona RIP - 26/11/20 01:47 AM

Heavens first 11 got a lot stronger this week with Gentleman Ray & Diego... R.I.P to 2 of the truly greats!