Pepe Reina

Posted by: Dunk

Pepe Reina - 05/11/19 06:09 PM

Pepe Reina is being absolutely hammered in Spain today following comments and activity on social media that suggests he will vote for the far-right Vox party in the General Election in Spain on November 10th.

He's currently trending on Twitter in the country and being labelled a fascist and worse crazy
Posted by: Stanley Park

Re: Pepe Reina - 05/11/19 07:03 PM

The vox party is not something I know about but a quick google shows they are rapidly gaining popularity in Spain. That follows a pattern right across the EU where extreme parties (as defined by some) are gaining power

So rather than attack Pepe Reina for expressing a political view why not ask why so many people are dissatisfied. And if you believe people like Pepe Reina are wrong how do you intend to stop them criminalise the wrong opinions ?
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Re: Pepe Reina - 05/11/19 07:09 PM

This is a good website for following things ...

Posted by: Stanley Park

Re: Pepe Reina - 05/11/19 07:54 PM

Here in the U.K. There is almost zero coverage of Catalonia as there is little about the riots in Paris. Good old unbiased BBC. However on social media there is plenty about Catalonia and the brutal treatment of the public. This is not some failed state this is Spain. If even half the things on social media are true it's deeply troubling