Coutinho & Dembele

Posted by: Welsh_Wizard

Coutinho & Dembele - 12/07/19 03:10 PM

Looks like both will be sold to fund Neymar and Grizetonicwaterman.

So where will they go?

PSG apparently do not want either.

Arsenal are interested in Dembele but would have to sell Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang .

We are being linked with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang , Dembele and Coutinho.

Coutinho will not join Man Utd.

Strange times
Posted by: WNP

Re: Coutinho & Dembele - 12/07/19 04:22 PM

If PSG aren't interested, then I'd imagine Barca will have to reduce their asking cost, or they won't be able to sell them.

I saw PSG linked with Sane the other day, probably crap, but you could see some sort of merry go round with Sane going to PSG and Dembele or Coutinho going to City. I doubt it but you never know.

United could do with a winger so Dembele would make sense for them, and they're probably one of the only clubs that could afford him, but I can't see that happening either.

Basically I think Barca are stuck with at least one, if not both, for this season.
Posted by: RedJohn

Re: Coutinho & Dembele - 12/07/19 06:23 PM

We did a number on Barca for Phil. I'd take either, but then again it's not my money..

United are in such a mess. What a time to be alive!
Posted by: EnergisedReds

Re: Coutinho & Dembele - 13/07/19 04:29 AM

Originally Posted By RedJohn
We did a number on Barca for Phil. I'd take either, but then again it's not my money..

United are in such a mess. What a time to be alive!

I wouldn't write United off too soon, Ole did quite well in his 14 or so games. It all depends why the wheels came off after that, is it because they were not well prepared physically to keep it up or something else? If it was a physical issue, then that would be sorted out after a proper full Ole pre-season. Question mark there I would say and also depends on who they bring in.
Posted by: RedJohn

Re: Coutinho & Dembele - 13/07/19 08:35 AM

They won't get near a title challenge for a few years bar a miracle run.

De Gea's off next year unless they break the bank, they've still got Sanchez on 400k no-one wants, Pogba wants out but no-one will pay 150m for him, Herrara's gone on a free and they can't flog Lukaku.

They may challenge top four depending on how Frank does but nothing more for a few years at the very least. They've got no draw in their manager and will be more cautious with big wages, plus no CL to offer. Hopefully they keep doing what they have the last few years and think a couple of huge names will turn it around for them.

Unless they get a strong start the knives will be out for poor Ole. I think it was 8 points from their last 5 games would've gotten them CL football and he couldn't manage that.
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Re: Coutinho & Dembele - 13/07/19 08:41 AM

The only reason they had s good run when he came in was because they were all teams they should be beating anyway (apart from maybe Spurs). As soon as things got a bit tougher they fukked it right up. Add a bit of new manager lift and it made it look better than it was.

Also just shows how toxic Maureen was but also how toxic their players are for not playing for their manager.