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Liverpool FC Discussion
Joel Matip signs news Liverpool contract
by Muj
0 seconds ago
by ecnirp98
Today at 03:19 PM
Manchester United Away
by Dunk
Today at 02:37 PM
Liverpool one win away from equalling top flight record
by EnergisedReds
Yesterday at 07:35 PM
by van Gogh
Yesterday at 07:50 AM

General Discussion
The real origins of Brexit by Russell Taylor
by lumba
Today at 02:46 PM
Extinction Rebellion
by EnergisedReds
Today at 12:36 PM
The looming catastrophe for Republic of Ireland
by EnergisedReds
Today at 04:31 AM
ISIS coming back then?
by EnergisedReds
18/10/19 09:48 PM
Music thread! (now epic)
by lumba
16/10/19 06:37 PM

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