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I don't know if you listened to the interviews after the match but it was clear that Ancelotti had a game plan which worked, Coleman even thanked Ancelotti for the win, for me it's very clear that Klopp was outsmarted. It's not the first time by the way, he did it when he was at Napoli as well. As for Carra, he is doing his job and as a former player and fan, he has all the right to express himself, this is what he is paid for, doesn't make him less of a fan.

Ancelotti is a top class manager, one of the best, he has won leagues and cups in several leagues as manager and player, so there is no shame in being outsmarted by him.

In Klopps defense I would say he is trying to make the best of the players he has available and giving a goal to Everton after 2 minutes was the worst start possible as it gave Everton something to hold onto and allot of confidence, it's not Klopps fault if the players are sloppy at the start, I am sure he sent them out with instructions to be ready and they were prepared correctly.

A year ago Klopp beat Ancelotti with the youth team against Everton's first team in the FA Cup, so what does that say about Ancelotti? these things happen to all managers.

As for Carragher, I generally like him, but he does seem to be moving away from supporting Liverpool and joining the mainstream media view forgetting/downplaying injuries etc, maybe SKY have told him he needs to do that as the message is getting boring? fact is we still have those key injuries throughout the team. I am happy for Carragher & all to be critical where deserved, we have made mistakes this season, going into the PL season with 3 CB, two we know often get injuries to start with!!! but allot of those have been forced by the injuries we have had also which could not be predicted.

I don't know how many posters here have been saying that our system needs to be reviewed, injuries or not we shouldn't get beaten by teams in the bottom quarter of the table and at home and not once. This is what he basically said, so I see no problem as we have been asking the same questions here.