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I spoke to Sky TV via Facebook Messenger today, it saved calling and I had things resolved in no time.

I contacted them only to enquire as to when my contract expired so I could work out when to renegotiate or leave. It still had 5 months to run. During the conversation the operator said he could look at discussing a new offer today if I wanted to. I agreed.

At the moment I pay around 54 a month (already discounted) for the full package i.e. all channels including movies and sports plus boxsets. This price was due to increase by a couple of quid very soon.

To cut a long story short I was offered the same deal for another 18 months at 45.

Although Sky are increasing prices over the next couple of months, that price wouldn't be affected this year so it took that into account. They did say it could increase slightly next year but that's to be expected.

"We have a price increase due in April, however the prices I've quoted are inclusive of that price increase. It's possible that we may have a further price increase around the same time next year of course but all of our price rises are capped at an absolute maximum of 10%, which would still be lower than your current plan with us"

There was a 20 admin fee which they waived.

Additionally, the operator paused Sky Sports meaning I can still watch it but won't be charged for Sky Sports until they start showing the football in.

I asked if a family member could quote my deal today and he replied:

"Offers do vary from account to account but if they came on and mentioned the price we've done today as a starting point I'd like to think that we could get close to it (providing the package is the same of course)"

Guys it didn't take long to sort this. Yes I can access things via 'alternative methods' but I don't mind paying a fair price and I can't be doing with buffering etc.

Good luck if you take this advice and touch base with them smile


#632271 - 20/03/20 02:33 PM Re: SKY SPORTS SUBSCRIPTION - PERSONAL ADVICE [Re: Dunk]
AccaBoosty Offline
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Yep I did this. Put it in the shout box the other day. I have now got my package for 55. It is for line rental and all my phone calls plus my internet plus TV package (no sports or movies) and all the box sets at my disposal.

I also went to BT and cancelled my BT Sports which had just gone up to 30. My old Sky package was costing 92 so I am now saving 67 a month in total.

No doubt I will go back to Sky and get a Sports package again when it is all up and running. They will be cutting each others throats to get your business so anybody doing this make sure you are hard with negotiations.

I am setting myself a target of getting all of it back for under 80 instead of the 122 I was paying until last week.

I agree, hate the buffering and time delays and if it's not on live on Sky or BT I seldom go looking for it simply because it's not live. As you say pay a fair price for what you need.

sky tend to tie themselves in knots with packages and cutting you a deal. But this is all part of their stragegy. You have to watch the 10% increases as a couple of those will have you paying a lot more than you originally intended.


#632275 - 21/03/20 12:27 AM Re: SKY SPORTS SUBSCRIPTION - PERSONAL ADVICE [Re: Dunk]
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I have bein sports, it's an online subscription and only pay $16 a month for sports channels only. Service should be available in UK if your looking for something cheaper.
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