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#631397 - 10/02/20 09:34 AM Ticket Help/Advice
HammerBoy Offline

Registered: 27/01/20
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Loc: Essex
Hi, i am new to this forum, so not sure if posted in the right place? mods feel free to move it if needed, its a bit of a long post but its the winter break so not much else going on, and its a bit of a long post so again please dont judge me on my first sentence when i say i am a life long west Ham supporter, but let me please explain why i am here.

Like i said, i am a long suffering Hammer, and thats down to my Dad, we all grew up in East London, my Dad has supported West Ham since the 70s and has been to Anfield many a time, but always as an away supporter, until he started secondary school and started going to football with his mates all over the country following west ham, he has told me he was a follower of Liverpool, and this was down to his Dad, my granddad, now sadly no longer with us, but he was also born and grew up in East London but was a firm and ardent Liverpool supporter, this i think was mainly due to Bill Shankly, and he can hardly be accused of being a glory hunter as when he supported Liverpool they was in the then second division, infact i think Liverpool and west Ham were promoted the same season around 57/58 without looking it up? the only difference being Liverpool never went back down smile
My Dad has told me many stories of him playing footbal with his mates and running around parks in East London in full Liverpool Kit, and replica kits then, Late 60s, were very hard to obtain, a red cotton shirt, a seperate badge and number that had to be sewed into the shirt, he had the number 8 shirt, as my granddads favourite player was Roger Hunt, however my dad was so proud to have this kit and wore it every time he played football, and that was almost every day.
Despite later joining his mates and following west ham, he still to this day follows and supports Liverpool, in the champions league, cups and definately in 36 premier league games, and maybe next season 38 games if we get relegated cry
Anyway let me get to the point of this post, in September 2018, my dad was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer, it has spread to the bone, in both hips, chest and spine, he was only 57 years old, and was told it is terminal and with luck and treatment, he may have 3 - 4 years to live, he has had 5 months of chemo, 6 weeks of radiotherapy and constant injections, it was tough for me to see my once healthy dad suffer and dwindle in such a way, he now has trouble walking and is registered disabled, he obviously made a buck list as time is now running out, it included simple things like watching his grandson, my son, play his first football match, he did this recently, another was to walk his grandaughter to school on her first day, again he did this despite this happening in the middle of his chemo treatment, his bucket list is limited to little things and his doctor has always said to him, make short term goals, plan evrything just weeks or months in advance, not years, and as you can see all his goals are pretty simple things, travelling is almost out of the question because of medical insurance, a simple trip to gran Canaria would have cost 3.000 just for insurance, now another thing on his list is to attend Anfield as a Home supporter, and to sample that special atmosphere, this is for him and his dads memory, every time he has been he has said how he stood and watched how the whole ground sing YNWA as the teams come out, and i have also witnessed it and how it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. he has registered with Liverpool FC as a disabled supporter and has a client number, he just wants to attend a match, preferably a night match, with his wife, experience that special atmosphere, he was hoping he would be able to get tickets for the Athletico Madrid game on 11th March, but he would be happy to attend any game where tickets are available, he even looked at booking a hotel for the night of 11th March and spend 2 days in Liverpool, at least, but he cant do this until he knows he can get tickets for the game, this is where i am asking for some advice, do you think he would be able to get tickets for this or any game this season? obviously he has no booking history? and if games are sold out where would you advise getting tickets from?
Again, sorry for such a long post, but just wanted to explain everything rather than just posting asking about tickets, one thing i do know is with your fantastic and loyal support you do need a bigger gorund, just make sure it aint an athletics stadium cry


#631400 - 10/02/20 06:22 PM Re: Ticket Help/Advice [Re: HammerBoy]
AccaBoosty Offline
Under 23 Player

Registered: 23/11/11
Posts: 3581
Fantastic story. I love hearing about the old days and going to football matches. Replica kits were homemade even in the early 80's especially if you supported a lower league team like me. I finally got hold of a Forest away shirt by Adidas as it was exactly the same as my team Oxford United. It was yellow with blue pin stripes. It was in a sale and I paid 7.45 for it. This was before advertising on shirts so I got a cloth badge from the club shop and got my mum to sew it on and, Hey presto! the closest thing I could get to the unavailable item I wanted back in 1982.

Sadly the shirt didn't fare well and within 2 months it was ruined when it went in with the wrong wash and all the yellow drained out of it and made it look like a dirty duster.

Tickets are like gold dust and I have been a member for the last 2 years but when the tickets have gone on sale I have been in a long queue for over 2 hours only to find they are all sold out before I can get within an hour of hitting the front of the queue. The club are doing something about it I believe for next season so that all members get a chance of getting to a couple of games.

A friend of mine is on the (now closed) season ticket waiting list. He says he is about 13500 or so on the list and the redevelopment of the Anfield Road end might just get him below the 10000 mark even though 7000 seats extra will be provided.

There are the mega expensive ways of getting tickets online. A friend of mine did this for the Leicester game a couple of seasons ago before Christmas which was Coutinho's last game. He paid 175 each for 2 tickets.

I was going to suggest the legends game Liverpool v Barcelona on March 28th but I have just found out that is sold out.

The only other way is to contact the various official supporters clubs up and down the country. One of them may be able to help you. I was going to try and join one near me (Caldecot and Gloucester branch) only to find that they have closed membership for this season. I don't know what it is like near where you live.

I wish you luck in your mission because that is what this is. We could have a stadium for 80k and the tickets issue would still be there. The simple answer may be to go online and pay the 400 apiece they want. I hope you don't have to do that because your dad sounds like one of the genuine football fans following a dream and he is lucky to have a son like you trying to make it happen.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Have you tried contacting the club?


#631406 - 11/02/20 06:52 PM Re: Ticket Help/Advice [Re: HammerBoy]
Pickles Offline
Under 23 Player

Registered: 23/12/15
Posts: 4887
Great to hear about your Family affinity to LFC.

I would reach out on twitter to:

Our CEO Peter Moore

Our Owners:

John W Henry

Linda Pizutti Henry

Tom Werner

Good luck and Best Wishes to you and your Dad, HammerBoy.


#631412 - 12/02/20 07:35 AM Re: Ticket Help/Advice [Re: HammerBoy]
HammerBoy Offline

Registered: 27/01/20
Posts: 3
Loc: Essex
Many Thanks for your replies and advice.

He has been in contact with the disability team at LFC for several months in the hope to sort something out, as i said he has a client number but i dont think he expected it to be so hard to get just 2 tickets, we dont have this problem at the London Stadium laugh and will definately look into supporters clubs in our area Acca.

Thanks For that Pickles, i myself am not on twitter but am sure my sister or other family members are so will reach out.

I hope i did not give the wrong impression, i am not after or do not expect free tickets in any way, i was simply asking advice as to how to go about it as i dont think he expected it to be so hard and that is why he went for the European Game hoping that the demand would not be as great, i was wondering if you have a ticket exchange system where Season Ticket holders that cant attend a game sell them individual tickets back to the club and they sell them on to other supporters, but i now realise the demand for these would also probably be significant.

Anyway,many thanks for welcoming me to your forum and thanks again for the advice, i will keep you updated as to what happens and if he manages to get to a game i will make sure he takes lots of pictures, it would be a great memory for him and its all about making memories at this time.


#631429 - 14/02/20 07:26 PM Re: Ticket Help/Advice [Re: HammerBoy]
xvx Offline
Under 16 Player

Registered: 12/01/16
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Loc: England
Very interesting and emotional read. Does he need wheelchair tickets or can he make it to any seat? I would post your story on every liverpool forum there is and tweet as many people as possible. People like the guys from redmen tv, james pearce and even players. I will keep my eye out for you. I managed to get 4 tickets off my cousin for the napoli game as him and his mates couldn't go, if that happens again, I will let you know.


#631439 - 15/02/20 01:13 AM Re: Ticket Help/Advice [Re: HammerBoy]
HammerBoy Offline

Registered: 27/01/20
Posts: 3
Loc: Essex
wow xvx, thank you so much for that, i did try and post on redandwhitekop but was warned it is not allowed to post about tickets, i have also tried twitter as mentioned above including Adrian (GK) who obviously has links with West Ham, but nothing as yet.

He is not in a wheelchair, often uses a walking stick but can sometimes get away without it.


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