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#629007 - 07/11/19 02:34 PM Re: KOPTALK.TV: PEP GUARDIOLA'S SQUEAKY BUM [Re: Dunk]
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Yes, squeaky bums and twitchy bums have a long and ignoble history in both premier Manchester football clubs.
The Red Devils have been mired in many an odious odour, what with Fergie's billowing kilt, Van Gaal's twitching rectum and Maureen's reeking breath. And now with the virus extending to Man City, the place is fast becoming something of a steaming cesspit...


#629013 - 07/11/19 03:32 PM Re: KOPTALK.TV: PEP GUARDIOLA'S SQUEAKY BUM [Re: Dunk]
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He's looked a bit on edge lately. Petulant. Reminded me of how Mourinho got increasingly more sour.


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