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Jump to new posts Re: James Milner. by ecnirp98 @ Today at 07:28 PM

Just sounds like banter between the players, as he's the old man of the squad. Glad he was on for the pen anyways, made us secure, I guess Salah may haven taken if if he was not on the pitch?
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Jump to new posts Re: Growlers things that make you happy thread! by wilkij1975 @ Today at 05:19 PM

Happy Easter Lumba! Where you been hiding?
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Jump to new posts Re: City out CL good or bad for LFC ? by TiredReds @ Today at 02:54 PM

Originally Posted By chestervilleOriginally Posted By SSOI just can't take the VAR VAR chanting. It cheapens the game and watching on TV it just makes me cringe. I pretty much dislike every aspect of it. The delays, the poor communication, the player
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Originally Posted By chestervilleI reckon Sterling will walk it in. It's a British media and online "PC" thing pure and simple. VVD is the best player by far in the EPL. However.I don't care. It's all bum-patting and selfie-posing bullshit
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Originally Posted By Stanley ParkOriginally Posted By wilkij1975My son told me he was a lion when he was three so I've been rasing him as one ever since. He goes through a shitte load of raw steak and does fukk all but lay under a tree in the back ga
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Jump to new posts Re: Anfield tickets for Barca by Stanley Park @ Today at 12:20 PM

No idea other than maybe advertise in Liverpool echo or Liverpool social media but be very careful. I would imagine the tickets are almost impossible to get
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Jump to new posts Re: Brandt by SSO @ Yesterday at 08:45 PM

I also think that a player like this would not want to jeopardise his international career, especially being German. If you look at Salah, Mane and even Shaqiri their place in their national teams is pretty much assured. For a young German this may b
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Jump to new posts Re: CONFIRMED TEAM & MATCH THREAD V PORTO by SSO @ Yesterday at 08:35 PM

Originally Posted By ecnirp98Originally Posted By Hercules/AF 58We have the perfect antidote to Messi, we have Virgil, we have Allison, and we might well have Gomez, on top of that we have Robbo & TAA. Where is Messi going to go? That stat of V
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Jump to new posts Re: Caption Competition by Pickles @ Yesterday at 07:51 AM

Hazard: "This is how The Boss wants us to play with intensity" Barkley: "Pedro misheard him, he's still got his hand up my jaxxy...has anybody got any lube?"
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Jump to new posts Re: Netflix belters by mj2019 @ Yesterday at 01:53 AM

Try watching Bird Box and Perfect Date!
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Jump to new posts Re: Brexit 2016-2019 RIP by Stanley Park @ 19/04/19 01:17 PM

Originally Posted By ShaggydogOriginally Posted By Stanley Parkjust looked at the news today and just seen the news from Derry what the hell is up with these people ? Lunatics with no regard for human life. Do these pr1cks actually think that wha
Liverpool FC Forum
Liverpool FC Forum
By clicking on the ad above you will be taken to the official LFC club store. If you pre-order the new kit before May 8th you will get a free £10 voucher from the club with your order. If you purchase via our banner ad, the site receives a small c
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Jump to new posts Re: F1 by TiredReds @ 17/04/19 04:02 PM

Originally Posted By RafaBAnother 1-2 for Mercedes... Ferrari is obviously quick in a straight line, yet it's Aero pack is lacking... Vettel has big problems this year, above the Championship fight, think his teammate will run him ragged this year...
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Jump to new posts Re: Liverpool vs Porto by Hercules/AF 58 @ 17/04/19 10:15 AM

I hope it's a warm, traditional and dignified Liverpool welcome. They were two great players for us and made a contribution to our recovery, regardless of the manner of their going. So I hope we show our traditional class with an ovation when they ru
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Tired Reds - sorry mate, I probably come across strong regarding this matter, thus, not taking into account your religious beliefs which must be quite devout, I apologise for this. This will be almost impossible for you to believe that the Pope co
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Jump to new posts Re: Time to support Barca on tuesday by *** Suso *** @ 17/04/19 08:41 AM

Originally Posted By chestervilleI want Suarez & Messi to destroy the Mancs. That would be very nice indeed. you know the game has already been played?
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Jump to new posts Re: Trump, What you may not know. by RafaB @ 17/04/19 07:57 AM

Jessie Smollet - the actor who was charged by Chicago PD, then the Chicago Attorney General - dropped the case, without telling the PD first!!! Smollet has a Relative in power, the case was dropped after Michelle Obama was contacted... The FBI sent
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As expected... Will be interesting to see what angle they use to justify her return, I say this as I believe her "new born" died (RIP), the baby was going to be the way of return to UK..
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Jump to new posts Re: RIP Tommy Smith by RafaB @ 17/04/19 07:12 AM

Thank you Tommy......... RIP...
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Jump to new posts Re: 15th April - For those not with us today by RafaB @ 17/04/19 07:12 AM

Never forgotten........RIP
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Jump to new posts Re: Time to support Arsenal on Monday. by van Gogh @ 17/04/19 05:47 AM

Yes more or less the best XI to start. Then at 60 minutes take 3 of them off for a rest, when all is settled!
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Jump to new posts Re: Liverpoolís record-breaking kit talks by wilkij1975 @ 16/04/19 10:31 AM

Itís alright but if we can get a bucket load more from Nike then Iíll like their kits for us too.
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Jump to new posts man crush by *** Suso *** @ 15/04/19 11:00 PM

i have a man crush. please klop buy this guy. his amazing and will take us to another level
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Jump to new posts Re: Christchurch Terrorist Attack by Shaggydog @ 15/04/19 06:31 PM


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