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Originally Posted By wilkij1975Well for me this is all about what Klopp wants and how he wants to do it. It's fine and natural to question him but we all want him here and wanted him here so at some point we're going to have to trust the best manager
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Jump to new posts Re: wednesday is now even bigger by TheMightyLFC @ 36 minutes 13 seconds ago

Originally Posted By fazakerley red 1 no point in worring about chelsea if liverpool's season goes to the wall next week by going out the cups to cap off the season defining january , the next game is not only important for whats at stake a cup final
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Jump to new posts Re: Wijnaldum's contributions by wilkij1975 @ 43 minutes 47 seconds ago

Originally Posted By RedsforChampionsOriginally Posted By Ambitious1Lets look at this point of view: Wijnaldum... Goals:2 Shots:33 On target:11 percentage on target: 33% crosses:8 Cross accuracy: 25% through balls:1 Accurate long balls: 34 Passes p
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Jump to new posts Re: Belief vs Desire & Commitment by chesterville @ Today at 04:23 AM

Certainly an injection of some decent signings would paper over the cracks, but my concern is the complacency in the side. Klopp's motivational skills are brilliant, but I see a lack of steel and commitment in the side lately.
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Jump to new posts Re: Emre Can... by sixtiesred @ Today at 12:58 AM

Originally Posted By ecnirp98Originally Posted By paul66Originally Posted By RedsforChampionsOriginally Posted By sixtiesredWe need to be looking for a better player to take over from hendo in summer imo I don't think so, we have other priorities.
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Jump to new posts Re: The Reds v Swans (sat) by sixtiesred @ Today at 12:56 AM

Will be
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Jump to new posts Re: Mane by sixtiesred @ Today at 12:54 AM

So we knew our defence is a problem we're in the Jan window what do we do Sweet F uk All so we will SFA ( suffer)
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Just think the decision has been made now and no amount of protesting is going to change anything so pointless. I think it's a bit like the remain people regarding the Brexit vote, the whole reason people are voting for Brexit and Trump is they are f
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Jump to new posts Re: Players by sixtiesred @ Today at 12:03 AM

Wheels are a wobbling again in January ??
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Jump to new posts The Reds v Saints 2nd leg by sixtiesred @ Today at 12:01 AM

Well after the swans game we need to come up with something
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Jump to new posts Re: Officiating Standards by TheMightyLFC @ Yesterday at 10:51 PM

I haven't seen it but if it was that bad, the referees panel need to ask the officials for an explanation. They then need to publicly announce that the ref made a mistake and that it should have been a red card and a pen. A couple of incidents come
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Jump to new posts Re: Music thread! (now epic) by Derek @ Yesterday at 10:40 PM

Originally Posted By LiverbirdLainOriginally Posted By Derek I never really liked this song, at all, ever.. But this is an amazing performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-c9-poC5HGw Aha even though I thought I was deaf for a minute there
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Jump to new posts Re: Gerrard back as a youth coach. by wilkij1975 @ Yesterday at 09:56 PM

I would hope neither as neither are good enough.
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Jump to new posts Re: Same old Liverpool - choke against bottom teams by Welsh_Wizard @ Yesterday at 09:20 PM

Too many of our players only turn up when Coutinho or Mane are in form. I have said this for ages, we have no leaders to motivate the players when things are going against us.
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You're sure there is enough quality in our squad yet you think we should buy some players?? And if we can't just buy anyone, we have to just wait and see what Klopp wants to do. If there's someone he wants that fits the team and they're available I'
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Jump to new posts Re: Lucas Fever! by Chris2402 @ Yesterday at 04:54 PM

Originally Posted By Flames Actually if you read the original post you would see i was criticising the club, but you are just redirecting frustration at me instead of where it should be directed... at the club. That's Alanis Morissette style irony.
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Jump to new posts Nivea by Stanley Park @ Yesterday at 03:31 PM

Bollox to Nivea for men The lazy good for nothing poncy bunch of no good lazy swines
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Jump to new posts Re: Liverpool v Swansea City - STREAMS by Dunk @ Yesterday at 12:58 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: divock by ecnirp98 @ Yesterday at 12:04 PM

Ings is just an unknown now, I hope he makes it back as he looked promising and would fit into Klopps style of play. I think we will sell Sturridge and buy a replacement that suits Klopps team, we rarely play with 2 out and out strikers, so can't se
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Jump to new posts Re: Plymouth v the reds by van Gogh @ 20/01/17 06:49 PM

Haha! No offence taken! Yes they both looked totally out of sync.
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Jump to new posts Re: January transfer rumours by sixtiesred @ 19/01/17 10:26 PM

According to The Daily Mail, Liverpool are amongst a whole host of elite European clubs reportedly monitoring the progress of Genk’s Leon Bailey. The 19-year-old forward has shone in Belgium this season with an array of fine performances and they ce
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Jump to new posts Re: United players you don't have respect for? by sixtiesred @ 19/01/17 10:00 PM

Forget his name but very like the guy with the Afro but white from the seventies blonde perm hair similar position in utd team name escapes me
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Jump to new posts Re: matip by ecnirp98 @ 18/01/17 11:18 PM

Originally Posted By lumbaOriginally Posted By Chris2402Originally Posted By lumbaDoes anyone know the consequences of ignoring FIFA and playing Matip? I'm thinking if it's just a fine we should do it. I believe it would be a heavy fine and possibl
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Jump to new posts Re: Man Utd v the reds by sixtiesred @ 16/01/17 10:33 PM

No he's not. They've said he's not for sale. [/quote] Yeah that always worked for us too didn't it [/quote] Everyone is available for the right price but it's not like with Fonte where he's said he wants to leave. So in that respect he's not a
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I've been critical of Clyne's shooting, he often gets in good positions in and around the box and rarely gets a shot on target, he lacks composure, same with his crossing, so he and the coaches should work on it to improve, for the positions he gets

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