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Jump to new posts Re: Can we change things ? by paul66 @ 8 minutes 53 seconds ago

Originally Posted By chestervilleGreat question sixties. My first response is YES. But I would wait to see what Klopp does in the summer and how the new side (hopefully) is performing come Christmas 2017. If we are still marking time then a public di
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Jump to new posts Re: Summer transfer rumours by sixtiesred @ 42 minutes 0 seconds ago

Thanks to Neymar, the speculation linking Coutinho with a move to Barcelona continues to intensify, and reports in Spain over the weekend claim that the Catalan giants are more determined than ever to sign Liverpool's main man this summer. Last week
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Jump to new posts Re: Everton Stadium by ecnirp98 @ Today at 09:00 PM

Originally Posted By Stanley ParkI think also we could challenge for the title next year there is always hope and when you don't have that then it's time to pack in. A one off challenge is always possible. But long term and sustained challenge ove
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Jump to new posts Re: The Reds v Citeh away by ecnirp98 @ Yesterday at 01:56 PM

Players like Suarez/Mane/Coutinho fit the mould Liverpool have followed in the past, excellent players with great potential who we buy, nurture, get the best out of them for a few years at the top level, then sell on for a huge profit to the like of
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Jump to new posts Re: The Reds v the Bitters by Growler @ Yesterday at 10:25 AM

Originally Posted By sixtiesredWhat has happened to g tho ? Dunno, don't piggin' care. Hate him, arrogant rude obnoxious turd
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Jump to new posts Re: Music thread! (now epic) by lumba @ 25/03/17 09:08 PM

Slam - Intensities In Ten Cities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHtEdFL5BDs
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Alonso is one of the finest midfielders I have ever seen. His skill and composure are just brilliant. But his biggest talent is his "sixth sense" to read the play and shield, turn and pass as if he is five seconds in the future - just brill
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Jump to new posts Re: GPS tracking chips. by LiverbirdLain @ 25/03/17 09:23 AM

I should add i wouldnt want to be chipped.
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Jump to new posts Re: Is it worth the trip to Melwood? by Mr Bojangles @ 24/03/17 05:45 PM

I used to live near there. I didn't think anyone was allowed in to watch training. If you an get in there though it's decent enough experience as a lot of the trophies are on display (the older ones or not as important ones) I may and usually am wr
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Jump to new posts Re: Going off the boil by RedsforChampions @ 23/03/17 10:24 AM

Originally Posted By chestervilleSurely Grujic can get some game time in place of Coutinho? No, not his position
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Jump to new posts Re: Question ? by Stanley Park @ 23/03/17 12:39 AM

Originally Posted By GrowlerNo. They're ALL paid far too much already. Obscene at the extreme. Wages need to be capped world wide. Even 10 grand a week would be disgustingly too high imo. Who actually needs that sort of dosh, really? If you need
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Jump to new posts Re: Ronnie Moran - RIP by ecnirp98 @ 22/03/17 10:30 PM

Sad news, one of the greats of our club, RIP.
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Jump to new posts Re: Sturridge this season. by Stanley Park @ 22/03/17 09:14 PM

I am trying to picture Sturridge at the battle of the Somme my brain cannot compute it. Probably reading about the battle of the Somme would make him faint and be out injured for 3 months he is a lazy soft useless good for nothing and we should can
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Jump to new posts Re: Remaining Fixtures - Race for the Top 4 by lumba @ 22/03/17 03:10 PM

Originally Posted By wilkij1975Originally Posted By lumbaMaybe because of where we're at Mr Wilks,personally I think we'll finish 6th because of that. What do you mean by where we're at? We're 4th and have had some good results lately. We had a
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Jump to new posts Re: True legend by Stanley Park @ 22/03/17 12:49 PM

Great vid lain
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Pound shop ballsy and beefy crisps,the packet is rammed and weighs a staggering 230 gees ... fukkkk you Walkers!

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