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Jump to new posts Re: In my opinion...... by TheMightyLFC @ Today at 05:48 AM

What have you beem smoking Stan? This side is good but i wouldn't put it in the bracket of the 87/88 team or Pasley's teams just yet. Those previous sides were more balanced with quality throughout the team. The current team is heavily reliant on
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Jump to new posts Re: Liverpool v Arsenal - CONFIRMED TEAM & MATCH THREAD by EnergisedReds @ Today at 02:42 AM

Originally Posted By ecnirp98Great win against a decent team, the score line was closer than it should have been, Mo looks really happy atm, Matip looks back to the form of late last season, he should keep his place. Yep, the passing was great as
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Jump to new posts Re: Do you think Adrian is an upgrade on Mignolet? by EnergisedReds @ Today at 02:32 AM

Originally Posted By ecnirp98Originally Posted By EnergisedRedsGood shot stopper but dodgy footplay. Don't know if he is better than Mignolet who was also a good shot stopper but I don't remember him having VVD in front of him, which is a big differe
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Jump to new posts Re: Plans to take Anfield beyond 60,000 capacity by *** Suso *** @ Yesterday at 02:17 AM

suprised it took so long for this thread to open up. this is old news now. anyway i would love for the stadium to go to 65k. not very likley but im sure we can get close. maybe 62k
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Jump to new posts Re: Brexit 2016-2019 RIP by wilkij1975 @ 24/08/19 01:28 PM

Donít they? ALL politicians lie to get what they want to a man and woman. Not one of the incumbent bunch of willy wombles give two poops about anyone but themselves and to think they do is massively naive.
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Jump to new posts Re: Transfer window closing early in the EPL by EnergisedReds @ 24/08/19 12:51 PM

Originally Posted By wilkij1975Originally Posted By TheMightyLFCI suspect Klopp & FSG would be happy for the window to close even before it opens Exactly. They never strengthen so why bother having one? They do strenghen after taking chanc
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Jump to new posts Re: Music thread! (now epic) by lumba @ 23/08/19 09:34 PM

Amberoom - Machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TbHCvm1Z6A
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Jump to new posts Re: Premier League predictions thread by ghostgoal @ 22/08/19 09:20 PM

Man City Liverpool Arsenal Spurs Man United Chelsea Leicester Wolves Everton
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Jump to new posts Re: What's the point of this article now? by lumba @ 22/08/19 06:37 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: How many trophies will we win this season? by EnergisedReds @ 21/08/19 04:57 AM

Originally Posted By wilkij1975Well we didnít sign anyone did we? Whatís to be positive about? I understand
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Jump to new posts Re: DAMN IT! If only I would have listened to Vish by wilkij1975 @ 20/08/19 08:21 PM

Originally Posted By Stanley ParkHedgehogs are under threat from various things these days Had one in my front garden the other week. Rustling around in the bushes eating stuff no doubt.
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Jump to new posts Re: Bury f.c! by kernowred @ 20/08/19 03:45 PM

the game is a bit backwards right now.i dont know the exact figure but clubs that get relegated from the prem to the championship get a huge windfall in the shape of parachute payments.a club that wins promotion to the championship as Bury have done
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Jump to new posts Re: Shaqiri is disappointed and is looking for a solution by EnergisedReds @ 20/08/19 01:39 PM

Originally Posted By redordead13Originally Posted By EnergisedRedsOriginally Posted By ShaggydogOriginally Posted By ecnirp98A backs to the wall performance like we needed against Southampton wouldn't suit Shaq, he will get his games, so I cannot see
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Originally Posted By ecnirp98135 million for Coutinho is still great business for a player who wanted to leave, which ever way you look at it, its paid for VvD + Alisson, I know which I would rather have! Agree, good use of money received
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Jump to new posts Re: VAR goal celebration. by TheMightyLFC @ 19/08/19 07:20 PM

I have an idea. copyright: all rights reserved. They should make real drama out of out. At the moment often people don't even realise that a VAR chack is on after a goal.. and some only realise when the ref hasn't run back to the centre spot after
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Jump to new posts Re: Who should be our penalty taker? by redordead13 @ 19/08/19 01:36 PM

Fabinho or Firmino would be my choice, but I have to say, Salah has improved a lot.

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