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Why Roy Keane was spouting sense over Liverpool’s top-four mission

Steven Gerrard

Earlier today I read an article by James Pearce of the Liverpool Echo titled ‘Why Roy Keane was spouting nonsense over Liverpool’s top-four mission‘.

In this article, Pearce said that Keane was “talking out of his backside” for stating that Liverpool Football Club (and Manchester United) should not celebrate a Top 4 finish.

Keane had said: “When I see clubs like Liverpool and Man United celebrating getting into the top four, I cringe at it, I really do. Do you think that Real Madrid and Barcelona would be celebrating getting fourth? Come on, get a grip.”

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Any supporter of either club with an ounce of knowledge and common sense would agree with Keane.

He also wasn’t being disrespectful to Liverpool, as some have tried to suggest, as he included United when making his point.

Keane didn’t dismiss the importance of qualifying for the lucrative Champions League, he merely said it’s not something that 2 of Europe’s finest and most prestigious clubs should be celebrating and I couldn’t agree with him more, enemy or not.

Qualification is, of course, extremely important and nobody needs reminding of the reasons why, but to celebrate qualification, if achieved, merely falls into the hands of the owners and those who think they are here to wake a sleeping giant. The owners of both clubs, whoever they are and wherever they come from, should always have the fans (and local hacks) breathing down their necks.

The only people that talk out of their backsides are the owners and those who are happy to have their expectations managed by them.

If we secure Champions League qualification we nod, we acknowledge and we look forward. That is all.


Duncan Oldham
KopTalk Editor

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