Liverpool’s CEO Peter Moore flying the LFC flag on social media

Peter Moore

One thing that is clearly evident about Liverpool FC’s new chief executive Peter Moore is that he’s happy in his new role at Anfield. A few weeks ago I was critical of him for waffling on about greenhouses and for him saying that we shouldn’t be influenced in the transfer market because of what our rivals are doing. However, having enjoyed reading his proud snippets about LFC on Twitter, I’ve been left thinking that he maybe has our best interests at heart.

Last week a supporter who happened to be away on holiday criticised Peter for participating on social media. The suggestion was that Peter should ‘stay out of the limelight’ and just do his job. The response from the Liverpool CEO made me LOL.

I couldn’t disagree more with anyone who says Peter shouldn’t be interacting with supporters on Twitter. This is exactly what myself and other fans want to see.

A while back I talked about how West Ham’s David Gold and Karen Brady interacted with their supporters on the platform. Despite having no connection to West Ham myself, I followed them for a few weeks and it was nice observing them retweeting messages and photos from young supporters. A retweet from a club that any young fan supports obviously means everything to them. But it wasn’t all nicey-nicey PR stuff, they didn’t overlook and ignore the nasty tweets from the so-called ‘grown-ups’.

The way they operate on Twitter made me think about our how club failed to have someone that flies the flag. We have stacks of Twitter accounts in various languages but no actual personality behind any of them. The club’s owners are rarely seen on Twitter in relation to club matters. John Henry’s on there of course but take a look at his account and you’ll see his love is the Boston Red Sox and not Liverpool Football Club. The lack of enthusiasm certainly backs up the suggestions that Fenway Sports Group (FSG) are only interested in potential revenue than everything else that makes the club tick.

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Linda Pizzuti Henry takes a hammering on Twitter at times which isn’t good viewing but like Peter appears to be doing, she doesn’t hide away, she gets stuck back in and politely puts people in their place when need be. I’ve always felt a bit sorry for her really because as the only significant face of the club actively engaging with supporters on social media, she naturally takes all the flack. I’ve written several times before that it was about time someone showed some backbone and backed her up so I hope Peter’s presence will help deflect the attention away from her. Linda can put a tweet out about how nice the weather is in Boston and within minutes the loons circle her, and at times, overstep the mark with vile abuse. Forget Tom Werner as our Chairman, I’d much rather Linda was in the [usually vacant] hot seat. Why? Because until now she’s been the only person we associate to the owners as actually appearing to show that she has some interest in what happens on a match-day.

Why any supporter wouldn’t welcome Peter’s contribution regarding club matters is beyond me. I’d like to see much more of this kind of thing. Is it false? Well, Linda tries her hardest and I’m sure she wants the club to do well but Peter is actually a Liverpool supporter. Yes, I know, we’ve heard that a million times before every time someone is handed an important role at Anfield and even when they’re a genuine Red, we haven’t necessarily trusted them or been overjoyed with their contributions.

Some may say that Peter will be another ‘yes man’, I have no idea whether that will be the case or not. He obviously works for FSG and his first priority will, of course, be his own position and doing what they pay him to do. He works for them, not us. He would argue he works for all of us I’m sure but you know what I mean. He obviously needs to be a success so hopefully, he will contribute to waking up a sleeping giant and help make the club genuinely successful again under his watch.

There was one tweet that inspired me to write this editorial about our new CEO and I’ll embed that below. The anti-FSG extremists may not be convinced by Peter’s appointment and maybe they will be proven to be right, but the picture below made me think a little differently. It made me think that maybe, just maybe, we have a good egg at the club. I hope it works out for him and all of us that genuinely do care about our beloved Reds.


Duncan Oldham
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