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Now it’s Emre Can’s turn

Not satisfied with sticking the knife into Mamadou Sakho or poking fun at Lazar Marković after he made the switch to Premier League strugglers Hull City, I noticed that some quarters of the local media have now turned their attention to the ‘money-grabbing’ Emre Can with claims that he’s stalling on inking a new Liverpool contract because he apparently thinks he’s more important than he is.

Mamadou Sakho may be a bit of a joker but there have been bigger ones tolerated at Anfield over the years. But, if he’s disrespected the manager, then fair enough, he can jog on. However, I’m not a hundred percent convinced at the reasons for him being bombed out but I’ll let that one slide.

Lazar MarkovicMarković may have flopped but as far as I’m concerned, he’s still a Liverpool player and should be supported or is YNWA just a slogan these days? Why anyone in a position of influence would want to make snide remarks about him is beyond me. I hope he can get his career back on track during his loan with Hull, regardless of what the future holds for him. City is a decent club with a passionate fan base so I hope it works out for all concerned.

As for Can, well the boy has seen his form dip a little recently. Kicking him while he’s down is cowardly. Every agent will try and get the best deal for their client and Can has every right to dig in for what he feels is right, not that there is any proof that he’s playing ‘The Big I Am’. One suggestion of him making unrealistic demands and the fans will look at his performances and naturally turn on him if they think he’s pulling a Raheem Sterling. The Liverpool midfielder shares the same agent as Liverpool target Mahmoud Dahoud who will hopefully be recruited in the summer. It might be advisable to try and keep that particular agent on side rather than inciting something that isn’t there.

I’m the last person that will defend multi-millionaire footballers that don’t give a toss about the fans and who only care about making sure their quiffs are gelled to perfection, but in this instance, I think it is wrong for people to get on Can’s back. Later down the road, if necessary, we’ll give him both barrels, but for now, don’t be sucked into the agenda of others. Instead, ask yourself why they’re happy to encourage fans to turn their backs on certain players.


It may have been a miserable month transfer wise (so far!) but there’s plenty of ‘good news’ coming out of Anfield to compensate.

I’ll be honest, I expected maybe one feel good announcement to be fed out during this transfer window, so to be handed three, well, I’m delighted!

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard is back at the club, Phillipe Coutinho has signed a new 5-year contract with “NO RELEASE CLAUSE” (just in case you missed it, which means he can never leave the club, like, eva!) and the club have confirmed that they are about to unveil a new bus. It’s currently in a “secret location” according to the official Liverpool FC website. Once that hits the streets, I’m sure the fans will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Liverpool FC BusI saw this picture of John Henry pictured in front of our shiny new investment earlier. I must say, I think he needs to lay off Linda for a while because he looks exhausted!

Ok. That’s a fib. That’s not the bus!


Liverpool’s games against Arsenal (h), Burnley (h) and Manchester City (a) in March have all been selected for live television coverage which is great news for those Reds who are unable to make the pilgrimage.

Duncan Oldham
KopTalk Editor

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