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John W Henry, are you listening?

This comment was left on one of my YouTube videos at KopTalk.TV over the weekend:

I’m 16 and have been a Liverpool fan all my life, but i’m not old enough to remember any of Liverpool’s great moments. For example, I hadn’t even hit my 5th birthday when we won the CL in 2005. The greatest moment I’ve had as a fan was the Dortmund game at Anfield last season, and I really, really want to experience Liverpool winning something big. The Premier League, the Europa League, the Champions League, the FA cup, anything!

Liverpool FansDo you see that John? Does that comment mean anything to you? It did to me. It made me a bit sad actually. I don’t know that young fan but it’s clear to me that she’s desperate to experience some success. But until you and your cronies sell up, I don’t think she’ll see much. She won’t be seeing any this season that’s for sure.

I have faith in Jürgen Klopp and he may overachieve for you but the trophy cabinet hasn’t seen anything for a while and the last person who did add to it was sacked because “results weren’t good enough”. Hodgson sacked. Dalglish sacked. Rodgers sacked. Numerous sackings within the club at various levels too. How about you sack yourselves and give our fans, especially our younger generation, some hope.

I remember when I was 16. I was deemed a glory hunter. Well, our young fans of today won’t be deemed glory hunters that’s for sure. We’re fortunate that we still have some kids that want to commit themselves to our club, a club that continues to stagnate under your fake ownership.

That teenager, like myself, would be happy seeing the Reds lift any trophy. Nobody remembers finishing 4th but fans remember cup finals. FSG aren’t bothered about the FA Cup or League Cup because there’s no money in those competitions. Just like finishing 6th to them is no better than finishing 7th. The difference is small change. It’s not important.

Champions League qualification is their annual target. Progression in the tournament is all they care about.

If I’m wrong John, drop me an email and I’ll put everyone right.


I was disgusted to hear outgoing Liverpool FC Ian Ayre banging on about how the top clubs should receive even more TV rights money. Ayre, who was of course speaking on behalf of his existing employers, says it’s not fair that smaller Premier League clubs should get the same slice of revenue as the so called ‘bigger’ clubs. Without the smaller clubs, there wouldn’t be a league and there wouldn’t be so many televised games in the first place. If this was to actually happen the Premier League would become even less competitive. Give it a break, Ian, FFS.

Scarborough FCIf anything I’d rather see the smaller clubs get MORE money than the elite clubs. Better still, I’d rather see more money distributed down the lower leagues. It’s nothing more than pure greed and those clubs calling for even more money should be ashamed of themselves. The only people that will benefit are shareholders and owners. If you think ticket prices would suddenly come down you’re deluding yourself.

Fans should be able to purchase ‘season tickets’ to watch their teams home and away via satellite or through online access. Clubs should be fighting for a fairer system for fans who are having to turn to dodgy online feeds just to see their beloved clubs in action. This is the right way to boost revenues, instead of trying to f*** over the smaller clubs.

I’d like to know where the existing TV money has gone first anyway. I’m yet to see any luxury signings paraded at Anfield since it was banked. Then I’d like to see the likes of Ayre and his Premier League counterparts call for the draconian ‘No live Saturday 3pm games’ rule to be axed. That rule has been in place since the 1960s after Burnley Chairman Bob Lord convinced other clubs to back the banning of live coverage of football games on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm to protect attendances. That makes perfect sense of course but almost 60 years on it’s about time the whole thing was looked at. The lower divisions could be compensated. This could, I am sure, benefit fans and all clubs, large and small.

Each month I pay Sky Sports and BT Sports for their offerings. Fans are turning to piracy to access their content and despite that been easily available to me, I actually have subscriptions with both companies. However, I also pay a monthly fee to a dodgy online streaming service which enables me to watch any televised game meaning I never miss a Saturday 3pm. I would much rather hand over that money to the club direct or at the very least, the Premier League. Technology has advanced. Yes, people will always turn to pirate streams etc, even if licensed pay streams become easily available to all, but it has to be looked at.

Until then, stop being so f*cking greedy! Without other teams, without the lower leagues, what’s the point?

When these clubs get round the table to discuss how to save money they should instead look at trying to introduce a salary cap. If so called ‘big name’ players want to f*** off to China, that’s fantastic! That’s a few less parasites in the English game. We can start again with players who want to play football and who aren’t motivated purely by money. They should also look at agreeing on the maximum fees paid to agents.

Do you know why they don’t wanna fix these 2 things that bleed the game dry and drive up ticket prices? Because too many of them receive kickbacks, that’s why. Nobody needs to earn tens of thousands of pounds a week. Clubs should be dictating what gets paid to whom, not agents. Sort that our first, Ian.

Duncan Oldham
KopTalk Editor
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