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It’s always 2 points dropped!

Jordan Henderson

One thing I’ve become tired of hearing recently is: “It’s 1 point gained, not 2 points dropped!” Just stop it! Yes, at the start of the season most Liverpool supporters would have taken our current league position and a point from difficult games at Old Trafford and Goodison. However, it is extremely frustrating to drop points in games when they were there for the taking, especially against United who suffered multiple injury blows in the first half.

I hate being patronised by the usual suspects in the media. They raise some fair points but I’m sorry, we are literally throwing away points left, right and centre in games we should have won. Yesterday’s draw at Goodison feels like a defeat. Yes we have handed the advantage back to Manchester City and in some ways we could argue that we play better when chasing rather than leading, the problem there is that at some point the race concludes.

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I have seen some supporters getting on the back of Jürgen Klopp following the Everton game. Bizarrely some of them are calling for him to be axed if he misses out on the title. I can understand their frustrations and while he may be deemed a serial loser by some, I can’t think of anyone else out there who could do a better job. As Ian Rush said on talkSPORT earlier today, the Liverpool manager isn’t under pressure because of what he has spent due to the immense progress that has been made under him. It’s never nice to see fans turn on their manager so I hope this stops because it’s certainly not going to help us over the final weeks of the season.

We now have to wait and see what happens with City but in all honesty we should be more focused on our own business. Key players are not delivering and it looks like we could bottle it. We are well capable of beating anyone on our day but the hunger needs to be in each and every one of them to make this dream become a reality.

Philippe CoutinhoI was disappointed with the manager’s substitutions yesterday but I was more disappointed that we didn’t enter the transfer market during the January transfer window for a bit of fresh blood. I remember saying a couple of months ago in a video on KopTalk.TV that I didn’t miss Philippe Coutinho. Well I’m certainly missing him now. The Brazilian hasn’t been replaced and despite all the concerns surrounding Nabil Fekir’s knee, it’s looked alright to me while he’s been banging in some great goals for Lyon this season. Liverpool need to find some bottle in the league and also in the transfer market.

The title race is not over. The towel hasn’t been thrown in and we can still be crowned league champions, but will the real Liverpool please stand up? It’s ok to celebrate putting 5 past Watford but unlike Everton fans, I’ll never find it in me to celebrate a draw. It’ll always be another 2 points dropped.

Klopp is cracking, the players are cracking and the fans are cracking. Everyone needs to sort their heads out.

Although I’m concerned – and rightly so as Manchester City are a great side packed with resources – I have to keep faith in the Liverpool manager and trust that he will do his very best to secure a league title that I haven’t seen us lift since I was 15 years old (and stone!).

Duncan Oldham

Duncan Oldham
KopTalk Editor

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