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If you require support with any aspect of the KopTalk® network (including DKB.TV) please email support @ Support is available every day of the year with priority going to our VIP Members. Check your spam folder if it appears we have not replied to you within 24 hours. Please use the above email address if your enquiry does not fall in to any of the categories below.


If you are from a media organisation and require comment in relation to matters concerning Liverpool Football Club, please feel free to forward your questions or requirements by email to dunk @ We have worked with global media organisations including the likes of the BBC, ITV, Sky Sports and various publications. We’ll be happy to assist you with your content where possible. The editor typically responds to media enquiries within the hour during office hours. If you require a correction, removal of any content or a credit, please let the editor know. We have a number of contributors, some of whome are students or trainees, so it’s important that you let us know if we have made an error somewhere or have failed to include a credit. If you are a budding writer who would like us to consider publishing your work, please contact the editor.


We only accept a limited amount of advertising. We will never accept advertising that will annoy our readers e.g. pop-ups, pop-unders, interstitials, ads that auto-play audio or video. There are no exceptions to this.

Banner advertising is only available in the right-hand columns on the main website.

We will never disclose our analytics to anyone, nor will we ever sell access to any of our members or subscribers.

Affiliate programmes are of no interest to us but we are open to sponsorship opportunities on our website, social media channels (Twitter & Facebook), KopTalk.TV (YouTube) and the KopTalk Podcast.

The minimum amount for any campaign on our website is £300. Payments must always be made in advance and via PayPal on the same day that your campaign goes live.

Please email your proposals/requirements along with your proposed rate to advertising @ If you want us to consider an article for publication, please send the article in question along with your offer. We don’t make offers or negotiate deals. We don’t want to waste your time or our own so please submit your proposals and your highest rate that you would be willing to offer and we will of course take a look at this for you.

We receive lots of approaches from advertisers so we just want to make you aware of our basic terms and conditions. We don’t have a lot of time to discuss advertising and we don’t want to waste any of yours.


If you want to promote a particular product that you feel may be of interest to our readers, we usually request a free product for review purposes and an additional product or so for competitions on the website. Please email support @ to discuss how we can work together to help you.


KopTalk® is a privately owned, fan owned, family run business with its main office in Spain. Although deemed a business for taxation purposes, we still consider KopTalk® a hobby: a fun and informative place for Liverpool fans to stay in touch with events at Anfield. The owner is registered for IVA (VAT) and taxes are paid accordingly to the Spanish government. ‘KopTalk’ is a registered trademark.