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Season 2020-21 Diary – Order Now

Duncan Oldham

As well as working on my infamous book about KopTalk and my experiences with the website and the club over the last 22 years, I am also compiling a Season 2020-21 diary of everything to do with the club i.e. everything that’s been in the news about LFC (and everything that hasn’t!), things behind the scenes, match results and so on. I started recording entries on 27th July, the day the transfer window officially opened.

The season recap will be in a daily diary format and I have to be honest, it’s already interesting looking back at previous entries when I want to research when a transfer link first surfaced or when something was first discussed. I genuinely think you will love it! The last entry in this season’s diary will be on the final day of the Premier League campaign unless Liverpool are involved in any other competitive fixtures.

Once the last entry is recorded and the book is given its final edit, it will be delivered to you electronically as an e-book or similar.

I anticipate that the digital version of the book will at the very least be in .pdf format but I do intend to have it made available as a proper e-book. It’s new ground for me and I need to learn how it all works. If you have experience of such, please do get in touch if you think you can help!

A physical, printed version of the book may be available to you once printed, obviously at no extra charge other than postage. This, however, depends on demand. If I go ahead with that, we will contact you at the time to discuss postage costs as these will vary as you guys are obviously located all over the world. Postage will be from the UK.

I want to make the book available to you as soon as the season ends hence the initial electronic delivery option, that way you will receive a copy straight away.

If you order the book now, which will be a huge help, your name (as provided by PayPal) will be included in the acknowledgements section of the book. If you would prefer to have your KopTalk member name included if applicable, please inform support @ koptalk .org as soon as possible after making payment. If you would prefer not to be named, just let us know.

If there’s enough interest, I will do another season diary for each season moving forward.

I am putting a lot of effort into this new project to try and generate funds for the website. It is, of course, placing extra pressure on me, but I’m trying my hardest to keep KopTalk and its communities as strong as ever.

You can order using this PayPal link or by clicking on the PayPal button below. If you would like to pay via another method, please email support @ koptalk.org

Thank you for supporting me!